Friday, May 10, 2019

Rushing Through Russiagate

Again. I hate to do this to you but it looks like we're on the move again:

Who Were the Mueller Report's Hired Guns? | RealClearInvestigations

James Comey: Donald Trump indictment possible after presidency - Washington Times

Ken Starr Ramps Up Attacking Robert Mueller's Report, 'Too Much Detail'

Pelosi agrees US faces constitutional crisis | TheHill

Decision to subpoena Donald Trump Jr. sets off a Republican firefight

Turley: Could the House Dem contempt charge on Barr possibly be any weaker?

Democrats showing contempt by holding William Barr in contempt | TheHill

FBI's Steele story falls apart: False intel and media contacts were flagged before FISA | TheHill

Mueller Spent $732,000 on Outside "Contractors," But Won't Say Who. You Could Almost Say That Mueller is Hiding This Information From Congress.

Trump: John Kerry Routinely Interferes With US Diplomacy With Iran. Frankly He Should be Prosecuted Under the Logan Act.

The Morning Report - 5/9/19

Theo Spark: Cartoon Round Up....

Comey: Yeah, Strzok and Page made us all look bad, huh?

The Morning Briefing: Comey's Break with Reality Continues at CNN Town Hall | TrendingMcConnell Does Not Defend Burr's Rogue Subpoena

Charging Barr With Contempt Could Hurt Chances Of Mueller Testifying | The Daily Caller

Contemptible Nadler | Frontpage Mag

He's Clearly Not Losing Any Sleep Over This: AG Barr Jokes About Dem Contempt Threats | Trending

Pelosi Says There May Be Additional Contempt Citations

Judge orders DOJ to produce unredacted parts of Mueller report about Roger Stone | Fox News

Was Sergey Kislyak Part of the Russian Collusion Hoax? – American Greatness

Alexander Downer Defends FBI Tipoff That Sparked Trump-Russia Probe | The Daily Caller

Did Mueller Tap Fusion GPS And Steele To Assist His Anti-Trump Probe?

Comey says it's possible the Russians have something compromising on Trump - Hot Air

‘Right, and that person said those tapes were FALSE.’ Even Anderson Cooper didn’t buy everything Comey was selling –

Brennan and Clapper Are Still Working as Agents of Influence for Russian Military Intelligence | Trending

In The Mailbox: 05.09.19 : The Other McCain

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