Sunday, May 19, 2019

A Howl of a Good Time

Anneka Svenska:

Anneka Svenska is a naturalist, broadcaster and film maker, who specialises in wolves, wildlife crime, films for animal & environmental charities and wildlife conservation. Anneka is also the face and creator of top wildlife online TV Show ANIMAL WATCH.

Anneka is a canid expert, wolf enthusiast and handler and has filmed and worked alongside both European and North American Timber Wolves as well as living with high content wolfdogs on a daily basis. Anneka is not afraid to speak of her love of apex predators and is quite at home swimming with great whites, catching snakes, tracking wolves in the wild and anything which involves dangerous, or rather, misunderstood animals.

Anneka appears as a regular guest on UK news and current affairs shows includingGood Morning Britain, BBC News, Channel 5 News, ITV and Sky news where she is invited to discuss topical wildlife news items, canids and animal rescue. Most recently she is filming with Channel 5 on new show When TV Animals go horribly Wrong. 
Wombat-socho has a double stuffed Rule 5 Sunday: Morena Baccarin.



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