Friday, May 17, 2019

I Eagerly Await Watching Her Season as a Greenhorn on the Wizard

Julianne Moore on gender parity: ‘I believe in quotas’. Quotas demand that someone other than the person being employed and the employer decide who should be hired for which job...
Julianne Moore said Wednesday that larger efforts are needed in order for the movie industry to reach gender parity, and that means implementing quotas.

"We will not have gender parity unless everybody is cooperating. Women are not a special interest group. We're 52 percent of the global population," Moore said during an event at the Cannes Film Festival. "In order to restore the balance, I do think that there will be, that we will need some measures to change our culture."

"We will have to make major changes to reach parity. That's just a fact. So, I do believe in quotas. I really do," added Moore. "I believe in trying to level the playing field for everybody regardless of their gender or their culture or ethnicity. You have to open doors."

While gender quotas haven't been much discussed in Hollywood, they're more common in Europe where filmmaking is often partly supported by public money. Sweden, Norway and Ireland have instituted 50-50 quotas in allocating public funds for male and female filmmakers, as has the British Film Institute.

Women made up 8% of directors on the top 250 films at the U.S. box office last year, down from 11 percent the year before, according to a study in January from San Diego State University's Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film.
You want to be a director? Raise the money and make your film. If people want to watch it, you'll make your money back, and more.

There's a pretty good reason for the highest paid women to be making less money as actors than the highest paid men. Supply and demand. Acting is a field to which a lot of women aspire, and relatively few men. There are less men that are willing to go through the initial few years of getting rejected for roles, and showing up on time and sober for the high chance of being rejected. Far more men, however, are willing to do physically demanding, and even dangerous jobs if there is a reasonable chance of a good payoff in the near term.

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