Friday, May 31, 2019

Gone Fishin' Russiagate

Gone fishin', but not like this. Hitting the islands with Pete, Ski, Tom and Derrick. Back later with pictures, I hope.

Now about that Russiagate: The Mueller statement is still the talk of the town:

Mueller sets a new standard for innocence: Prove you did not commit a crime - Conservative Review

Turning The Rule Of Law On Its Head’ — Judicial Watch President Calls For Investigation Of Robert Mueller | The Daily Caller

Alan Dershowitz: 'Shame on Mueller,' He 'Revealed His Partisan Bias'

Mueller’s Final Statement Turns Jurisprudence On Its Head – Issues & Insights

Mueller Wants to Nail Trump, But He Doesn't Have the Evidence! - The Rush Limbaugh Show

Let’s Repeat: No Collusion, Con Conspiracy, No Obstruction » Pirate's Cove

Bob Mueller Runs and Hides in Eight Minutes to Avoid Having to Answer One Key Question | Roger L. Simon

The Cunning Cowardice of Robert Mueller - Victory Girls Blog

Mueller’s Shamelessly Corrupt Valedictory | The American Spectator

Robert Mueller and the Art of Innuendo | The American Spectator

Noah on Mueller’s Confusing Remarks: Even Yoda Is Confused with Your English :: Grabien News

Hannity Panel Slams Mueller: He Has Been Devious and His Remarks Only Serve to Help the Democrats :: Grabien - The Multimedia Marketplace

Mueller offers sly impeachment bait

Another Mueller-Comey One-Two Punch – American Greatness

Ace of Spades HQ - Was Mueller's Statement His Quid Pro Quo to Jerry Nadler for Not Being Subpeoaed Under Oath?

Mueller defends Barr: Says no contradiction on obstruction, releases document to provide more context

Another Mueller-Comey One-Two Punch – American Greatness

The Morning Briefing: Mueller's Farewell, Damage Control Concert | Trending

Robert Mueller, we need to hear more - Hot Air

Eric Trump to Dobbs: Mueller’s Done ‘A Tremendous Amount to Divide This Country’ :: Grabien - The Multimedia Marketplace

No Questions? Nonsense—Mueller Must Testify – American Greatness

Democrats Introduce Resolution To Impeach Trump With Reasons To Be Filled In Later | The Babylon Bee

Hollywood Demands Congress Impeach Trump After Mueller Speaks: 'It's Your F**king Job'

SERRANO: Democrats Want To Impeach To Find Out What’s Impeachable — Sound Familiar? | The Daily Caller

Trump Has Become the Democrats’ Great White Whale – American Greatness

JustOneMinute: Collusion Never Dies!

High-Ranking FBI Official Leaked Sealed Information To Journalists, Accepted Gifts From Reporter, Watchdog Found | The Daily Caller

The Trump 'Secret Server' Hoax Was a Subplot of the DNC Spygate Strategy to Foment the Russia Collusion Conspiracy | Trending

2020 Democrats Renew Impeachment Frenzy After Robert Mueller Speaks

Jerrold Nadler, House Judiciary chair: Robert Mueller 'told us what we need to hear' - Washington Times

Amash on Impeachment: You Can't 'Criminally Indict a Sitting President' But... | Trending

Trey Gowdy Levels 'Wannabe Senator' Adam Schiff For Opposing Probe Into Obama-Era Spying - The Political Insider

Comey Denies FBI Spied on Trump Campaign, Calls It 'Conspiracy'

Government spying – Did they think Sharyl Attkisson was a Russian agent too? «

Ace of Spades HQ - Huge: British Spies Tried to Warn The US and Trump About Christopher Steele's Shaky Credibility; Were Those Warnings "Lost" in the Mail?

Too Deep To Drain? – OIG Finds Preponderance of Evidence Against FBI Deputy Asst. Director – DOJ Refuses to Prosecute… | The Last Refuge

Ace of Spades HQ - IG Report Accuses Former FBI Deputy Assistant Director of Leaking "Sensitive" Information to Media, Accepting Gift from a Member of the Media

In The Mailbox: 05.29.19 : The Other McCain

Theo Spark: Cartoon Round Up....

Wombat-socho has a double stuffed Rule 5 Sunday: Morena Baccarin and FMJRA 2.0: Systems Of Romance.

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