Saturday, May 18, 2019

Rule 5 Saturday - The Welsh Wonder, Jess Davies

Jessica Davies, 25, got into modelling after competing in beauty pageants as a young teenager in Aberystwyth.

By the age of 14, Jessica was scouted when she went to The Clothes Show in Birmingham and was put forward for a competition called Teen Queen.

Jessica went with her dad to a shoot and knew straight away that she wanted to be a model. At the pageants, she was routinely told she should consider modelling and found an agency in London when she was 17. It was a year later when glamour modelling was first mentioned to her, because of the size of her breasts. She said: ‘You never see fashion models that have big boobs.’

At first, she refused to remove her bra on shoots, and her agency supported her decision on that. ‘I thought “I can’t do that,” or “I don’t want to” and then I had a boyfriend and he didn’t like it,’ she says. ‘While on a shoot, the photographer said “OK, take your bra off now”. ‘I said I don’t do that, I phoned my agent and she said “you’re there now”.

At the height of her popularity, she would do around one shoot a month, in addition to being a student, and was paid around £1,000 for each one. But as magazine journalism declined with the rise of social media, lads mags began to suffer the same fate. The magazines began asking women to send their own pictures in for free, and because people did, the demand for the costly models like Jessica went down.
I'd buy a beer from her. Some NSFW pics from some of her work.

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