Thursday, January 3, 2019

Reason #6985 That Trump Was Elected

Because ‘They Took a Wild Chance’
Smitty has already commented on Willard’s embarrassing anti-Trump column, so I’ll refrain from further comment on that. What seems to have eluded the comprehension of Sen.-elect Romney and other #NeverTrump Republicans — looking at you, Jonah Goldberg — is that their insulting disdain for our President is rooted in their elitist loathing of the people who voted for him. That is to say, Mitt and Jonah aren’t just against Trump, personally, but they are against the 62.9 million Americans who elected him. Considering themselves to possess the authority of Platonic archons, our elite deny that the people are capable of self-government, and thus oppose their right to choose their own rulers.

Trump won because he got more votes in key states — including Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan — than Hillary Clinton. Also, quite relevantly, Trump got more votes in 2016 than did the Republican presidential candidate in 2012. Compare the outcomes:
2012 — Romney 2,680,434 (46.6%), Obama 2,990,274 (52.0%)
2016 — Trump 2,970,733 (48.2%), Clinton 2,926,441 (47.5%)

2012 — Romney 2,661,437 (47.7%), Obama 2,827,709 (50.7%)
2016 — Trump 2,841,005 (51.7%), Clinton 2,394,164 (43.6%)

2012 — Romney 2,115,256 (44.7%), Obama 2,564,569 (54.2%)
2016 — Trump 2,279,543 (47.5%), Clinton 2,268,839 (47.3%)
In these three Northern industrial states, the GOP vote increased by a combined total of 734,084 votes. However you explain this result, you cannot deny the fact that Trump got more votes and he did so despite the furious attacks of the liberal media establishment, and despite the vocal opposition of the #NeverTrump Republican elite. How much better would Trump’s re-election prospects be if his GOP critics would stop whining and start helping? . . .
My hand hovered over the box to vote for Trump for a few seconds, but I could not in good conscious, not vote against Hillary Clinton. Although he's often maddening, overall I have not been disappointed.

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