Thursday, August 2, 2018

More DIY Russiagate

I don't have time to make a proper post, but I did get them sort arranged into groups:

Dershowitz: Manafort's Crime 'Is Being Associated with Donald Trump' - They're Trying to 'Squeeze' Him | Breitbart
Federal prosecutors paint Manafort as person who lied to support life of luxury
The Last Tradition: Bumbling Mueller prosecutors rebuked repeatedly by trial judge with history of colorful rulings
Report: Mueller Referred Tony Podesta Case To New York Prosecutors | The Daily Caller
Report: Mueller referred lobbyists, including Tony Podesta, to Manhattan prosecutors - Vox
Andrew McCarthy's Collusion Comments on Fox News: Clarification | National Review
New Emails Show Strzok Gave Special Counsel "Special Authorities" to Target Trump - Sara A. Carter
Poll: Majority of Americans say FBI showed bias in Trump, Clinton probes | TheHill
Daily Caller Op-Ed: If Putin's Releasing DNC Emails Proved He Wanted Hillary to Win, Don't the Anti-Trump Rumors Peddled by "Kremlin Officials" "Close to Putin" Prove He Wanted Hillary to Win?
VFN-CNN Uses Leak(s) of Podesta Referral To Defend Integrity of Mueller Investigation… | The Last Refuge
Trump's anti-Mueller outbursts increase with Michael Cohen feud
JustOneMinute: The Russians Are Coming! Maybe. Probably...
Trump to Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Stop Mueller probe 'right now'
Trump was just 'stating his opinion' when he told Jeff Sessions to put an end to Russia probe | Daily Mail Online
Special counsel Mueller wants to ask Trump about obstruction of justice: Sources - ABC News
Trump's tweets make him look bad, but they're not crimes
Trump lawyer Giuliani says midterms will answer impeachment question
Durbin: Trump 'Dangerously Close to Obstruction of Justice' | Breitbart
ABC: We know why Trump blew up at Sessions on Twitter this morning
Alyssa Milano: 'If They Fire Mueller, We Take to the Streets'

Wombat-socho has "Rule Five Sunday: Summer Event Silliness" and "FMJRA 2.0: Space Age Love Affair" published on time and within budget.

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