Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Walk to Western Shores

It was such a nice day, we skipped the gym and walked to Western Shores instead.
We found a lot of teeth, 90 shark's teeth, and 3 drums, but only one was really picture worthy, this Mako.
One of the streams that comes out of the woods and across the beach is loaded with iron. It's not uncommon here.
I also found this piece of cobalt blue glass that was pretty well beach worn. Georgia collected a lot more glass.
Skye needed to lay down in the shade in one of the stream on the way back.
One of the various levels of the cliff exposed on the beach. An expert could tell me what level that was, but my brain is full, and to keep that fact I'd need to get rid of one I might need.
Another set of shells, another layer.

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