Sunday, August 19, 2018

Reason #6657 That Trump Was Elected?

Obama’s goal was to weaponize his agencies so as to create the conditions to make it impossible for any Republican to win the presidency again. The circumstantial evidence over the last ten years strongly suggests that Obama was determined to make the 2016 election the last real free election, meaning one in which legal citizens elected the president. Based on his actions during his presidency, it is difficult to not conclude otherwise.

Indeed, Obama even did an interview with actress Gina Rodriguez in which he made clear that illegal aliens who vote won’t be investigated by his administration because the voting records are not cross-checked against the immigration databases.

This is also why Obama ally and socialist billionaire George Soros funds a network of Obama-aligned groups to carry out much of the dirty work. For example, Soros funds a plethora of groups that promote open borders, attack ICE, and make it easier for illegals to avoid arrest.

These groups also fight all efforts to implement any kind of voter ID system that would make it difficult for illegals to vote. Indeed, the current DNC Chairman, Tom Perez, worked with “Casa De Maryland,” a Soros-funded group that successfully convinced the city of College Park to allow illegals to vote in local elections.

But Soros plays an even bigger role in the Obama-led resistance. The House Intelligence Committee reported that Soros and seven to ten other heavy hitters spent $50 million trying to convince people that the phony intel contained in the Dossier was authentic. Soros also funds Media Matters, a leftist group that works to convince social media companies to censor conservatives, a necessary tactic in order for Obama’s soft coup to be successful. And Google, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook appear to be dutifully following the left’s demands.

This is why evidence has surfaced showing that Obama’s DOJ worked with IRS officials to target Tea Party/conservative groups for the purpose of scaring them away from engaging in legal issue advocacy during the 2012 election. Indeed, the White House met 31 times during this time period with Nikole Flax, former Chief of Staff to IRS commissioner Steven Miller. Even the FBI assisted the IRS in this illegal activity, which would not have occurred without White House direction. Had this abuse not been exposed, the IRS would likely have continued its harassment all the way up until the last election. It was all about silencing the growing Tea Party moment in order to help Obama win his 2012 re-election. Basically, voter suppression.

This is also why the Obama White House hacked the computers of journalists to make sure they were toeing the party line. Just ask former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson.

We must also remember that Obama and his leftist allies have for years been quietly pushing for the registration of illegal aliens. Remember ACORN? That’s what they were all about, but after the headlines detailing ACORN’s shady voter registration practices died down, the Obama Administration created a federal project that did much of the same thing. Titled the White House Task Force on New Americans, it was headed by illegal alien advocate and former VP of the National Council for La Raza, Cecilia Munoz, and was created to introduce “immigrants and refugees… to both the rights and responsibilities, as well as benefits of citizenship.” And no, there’s little evidence its voter registration efforts distinguished between those here legally and those who were not.

Munoz’s former group, the National Council of La Raza, received millions of dollars from Obama’s DOJ, money that Obama’s leftist lawyers shook down from bank settlements and used to create a shady “slush fund” which bypassed budgetary regulations and funded the open borders crowd.

We also now know, thanks to four different studies, that between 2.2 and 5.7 million illegal aliens have voted in the last few presidential elections.

The best guess is that at least three million illegal aliens voted in 2016, enough to give Hillary the popular vote but not quite enough to win some of the key rustbelt states won by Trump. This is why liberal state legislators all over the nation have pushed legislation granting illegals driver licenses. So far, 12 states have passed such laws. . . .
Perhaps Trump was just the right person at the right time. As some wag (Churchill) is reported to have said, America always does the right thing; after trying everything else first.

But any save is short-lived in America, subject to cancellation at the next election.

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  1. Trump's an asshole and so are the people who support him.