Friday, August 17, 2018

Good News! Not All Young Women Crazy!

It just seems that way sometimes because of the way the crazy ones dominate the news: Poll Finds Most Young Women Do Not — Repeat, DO NOT — Identify as Feminists
Imagine their screeching fury:
Feminist website Refinery29 got more than it bargained for when it teamed up with CBS to poll 842 women ages 18-35 about — among other things — feminism. When asked, “Do you consider yourself to be a feminist, or not?” over half (54 percent) of respondents said, “No.” Not only that, only 19 percent of respondents identified as Republican. In fact, the largest group of women polled (34 percent) identified as Democrat, with 27 percent identifying Independent, and 20 percent unsure of their political party.
“These are surprising results,” writes Refinery29’s Ashley Alese Edwards. “Feminism seems to be more en vogue than ever,”she insists, “even men call themselves feminists now.” And what about “the Women’s March, the ‘resistance’ (which is largely women-led) and #MeToo,” Edwards laments. How could you not be feminist?!
To her credit, Edwards actually interviewed some of these strange non-feminist creatures, presumably to find out what on earth was wrong with them. Leah, a 22-year old independent, told Edwards, “I feel like the movement has been largely taken over by far-left wing activists that make it nearly impossible for me to identify with.”
Another fine example of O'Sullivan's Law:  O’Sullivan’s Law states that any organization or enterprise that is not expressly right wing will become left wing over time. The law is named after British journalist John O’Sullivan.
She also called feminists “disingenuous” for denying “any negative emotional backlash or health risks for women having an abortion.” She continued, “Although not all women suffer emotionally or physically after an abortion, many do, and their stories are ignored by mainstream feminism because it doesn’t fit the narrative of abortion being a good thing for women.”
A 25-year-old Republican named Stephanie, whom Edwards spoke to, even went so far as to say, “I don’t think women in the modern western world are oppressed.” Stephanie continued, “I think modern feminists try to create a boogeyman out of what they call the patriarchy and hunt it down, but it’s not necessary…. Men and women have different strengths and weaknesses. Acknowledging that is not sexist.”
And feminists are not particularly consistent when it comes to decrying the rapaciousness of men: More News About ‘Rape Culture’ That Feminists Won’t Notice, for Some Reason
Huddersfield is a town in northern England, about halfway between Leeds and Manchester. Authorities say at least five girls ages 12-18 in this Yorkshire community were systematically raped and prostituted over a span of several years by a gang of Pakistani immigrants:
Thirty men have been charged with raping and trafficking five girls in West Yorkshire.
The allegations against the defendants relate to non-recent sexual offences dating back to between 2005 and 2012. They relate to five women who say they were abused as children in the Huddersfield area between the ages of 12 and 18.
One woman, Fehreen Rafiq, 38, from Huddersfield, is charged with two counts of facilitating the commission of a child sex offence.
The 31 accused will appear at Kirklees magistrates court on 5-6 September 2018. They are:
Banaras Hussain, 37, of Shipley, charged with one count of rape of a female over 16.
Banaris Hussain, 35, of Huddersfield, charged with one count of rape of a girl aged 13-15.
. . . 
Recall that Tommy Robinson was imprisoned for reporting on another trial of another Pakistani sex-trafficking gang in England. When feminists talk about “rape culture,” “misogyny” and “violence against women,” it is always in the context of demonizing “privileged” white males. Therefore, when crimes against women are committed by those who do not fit this template — e.g., Muslim immigrants — feminists have nothing to say, except perhaps to lament the “backlash” of “Islamophobia.”
Remember the Agenda, and keep it holy (and wholly).

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