Thursday, August 30, 2018

Relishing More Russiagate

More on Ohr. Fox News Adam Shaw: DOJ official Bruce Ohr grilled over Trump dossier, Steele ties
While lawmakers told reporters that Ohr was being cooperative, Rep. Darrel Issa, R-Calif., said that Ohr "has a poor memory. . . . He seems to not remember a lot of details and, you know, poor memories are often claimed by people who want to stick to what they can say and not be caught in perjury," he told Fox News.
 At Da Hill, House Republicans say Ohr interview escalates surveillance concerns
“Thus far, [Ohr] has done nothing but exacerbate my concerns that the FISA process has been abused,” Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas), a House Judiciary Committee member, told The Hill.
Sara Carter: Bruce Ohr told Congress the  FBI Knew About Bias Before Getting a FISA On Carter Page, but they all agreed with him, so 'sal good, man.' Sundance at CTH: Bruce Ohr Testifies To Closed-Door Joint Session of Congress (Oversight and Judiciary)… provides this useful graphic on the right. Reminder, the DOJ and FBI don't ride white horsed and wear white hats. Sara Carter (again): Day After Ohr’s Testimony, Congress Seeks to Question His Wife, as well they should. Funny thing, Mueller never interviewed Bruce Ohr.

Brook Singman, Fox News: GOP rep touches off firestorm with claim FBI leaked info, used stories to get FISA warrants
A source with knowledge of the testimony initially told Fox News that Moffa said FBI personnel would use media reports based on information they leaked to justify applications for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants, echoing Meadows. The source said Moffa, who worked with controversial former FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, acknowledged this “had been a practice in the past.”
But through Caitlin Yilek at WaEx the FBI strongly denies reports on agent telling lawmakers the bureau leaked stories to obtain FISA warrants. Except of course, in the Carter Page FISA warrants, in which they used stories leaked by Steele as validation for the Steel Dossier. I guess their out here is that Steele leaked them, not the FBI.

Just in case there was any doubt White House confirms Brennan's security clearance has been revoked. Good.

IBD Editorial: Did The FBI Cover Up Evidence That China Hacked Clinton's State Dept. Emails? Yes: Peter Strzok email about Clinton emails.  Stunning Report Confirms China Had Hillary’s Emails in Real Time

Next Question. Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Implicated In $84 Million Campaign Finance Scandal. But Michael Cohen paid off Stormy Daniels.

Liberal fantasy of the week: Robert Reich: If Mueller Finds Evidence Of Collusion, Trump Not Only Must Impeached — He Must Be Annulled. By way of Wombat-socho's In The Mailbox: 08.29.18,
Gene Schwimmer at the American Thinker thinks There Should Be a Trump Impeachment Vote – and Republicans Should Schedule It to make them put up or shut up. Mueller wants to continue his campaign against the lawyer client privilege: Mueller wants to review emails between Manafort, former lawyer and continues to want to beat the dead horse: Mueller’s Revenge? Special Counsel Won’t Rule Out Going After Manafort in Third Trial.

So he has some sense of shame after all? Lanny Davis says he regrets 'major mistake' about Cohen and Trump Tower meeting, or does he just regret making things worse for Cohen? Why is CNN avoiding the truth about Lanny Davis’ lies? Why does a dog lick its ball? Because it feels good!
CNN is standing by the story because it says it has at least one other source for it, and because it suspects Davis changed his story only because Cohen could face perjury charges, since he testified under oath to a Senate committee that he had no advance knowledge of the Trump Tower sitdown.
Heavens to Betsy, how can you attack one of the heroes of Watergate, just because he's publishing lies about you? Trump heightens attacks against CNN, Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein over Trump Tower story

David Harsanyi: If You Want To Know Why Conservatives Don’t Trust Media, Watch CNN
“We stand by our story, and are confident in our reporting of it,” the network responded. Brian Stelter, CNN’s sometimes censorious media reporter, argued that “pro-Trump web sites are claiming that the CNN story was a ‘lie,’ and that it’s been ‘debunked.’ They might want it to be ‘debunked,’ but it’s not. The critics don’t know who CNN’s sources were.”

We don’t. Does Stelter? My guess is that the second source is Davis’ assistant. Of course, I could be wrong. Perhaps Davis, not only the source of the story but also Cohen’s lawyer, is lying about his initial lie. But there are other sound reasons not to trust CNN’s position.

Let’s remember this is the network that maintained it had multiple sources on the record purporting to prove that Donald Trump Jr. was involved in an email correspondence with a random person about WikiLeaks and the DNC hacking before it was released to the public. That was back in December 2017. The article turned out to be bogus. Both independent anonymous sources somehow got the same exact date wrong on the exact same email. Not once has CNN explained how this miraculous event transpired.

Let’s also remember that it was CNN that cited multiple sources confirming that former FBI director James Comey was going to tell a congressional committee under oath that Trump had lied when the president claimed that the former FBI director had told him three times that he hadn’t been under investigation. That was in June 2017. The opposite turned out to be true.

Burn the source? No way. CNN hasn’t even really corrected the piece.

Around the same time, three CNN journalists were forced to resign after mistakenly reporting that Congress was investigating a “Russian investment fund with ties to Trump officials.” The problem was that the reporters had relied on a single anonymous source. What if these other stories, including the Cohen scoop, also only depended on a single source? If CNN employed consistent standards, they would run out of reporters before the year was out.

There are dozens of examples of these innocent mistakes popping up on mainstream political media outlets over the past couple of years. And they always—always—skew in the same direction.
Stacy McCain in Russia! Russia! Russia!
As I’ve been saying for months, the Mueller “investigation” isn’t really an investigation, it’s a cover-up, intended to conceal or distract attention from the illegal means by which corrupt Obama administration operatives sought to sabotage the Trump campaign. As the latest revelations show, however, the so-called “mainstream” media were an integral part of this anti-Trump operation, and so you cannot expect Democrat-controlled organizations like CNN and the Washington Post to tell the public the truth about all this. If all you know is the “news” you get from CNN, you have no idea what actually went on in the manufacturing of the phony “Russian collusion” story.

The Atlantic: Avenatti 2020 Was Probably Inevitable "Donald Trump lowered the White House’s bar to entry. Stormy Daniels’s lawyer is stepping right over it." Who's coordinating the sudden loony leftist lionization of Stormy Daniels? By Monica Showalter at the American Thinker. It's the same way ants do it.

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