Sunday, January 6, 2019

So I Guess I'm Only Half Racist?

At least I mow my lawn: University Educator: Mowing Your Lawn & Acting Respectable Is Racist

From Madison, Wisconsin. It figures.

"That's actually where the connection lands between white liberalism and white supremacy because it's by maintaining law and order and by maintaining civility by keeping your front lawn nice and tidy and by putting that 'all are welcome in our communities' sign on your front lawn, you are denying the fact that all the while you are with the other hand passing money to a deadly institution that polices with great disparity and causes tragic, tragic harm to the communities that are our neighbors and the communities that we actually should be building forward with."
My black neighbors mow their lawn too, FWIW.

A first! Linked at Maggie's Farm in Tuesday morning links. Thanks, Bird Dog. Also, an Acetalaunch from Misanthropic Humanitarian at the Wednesday Overnight Open Thread (WOOT WOOT 1/9/19). Welcome fellow morons and moronettes!


  1. Just what the heck is she a professor of?

  2. Must be the head of the women's frontal lobotomy department.

  3. There's always a slob in every neighborhood who can't be bothered to keep his lawn cut and the house in acceptable shape. Not talking about invalids, who should get helped by sturdy youngsters living nearby.