Thursday, May 6, 2021

MDDNR To Start Stocking Catfish

 CBS 13 Balmer, Maryland Department of Natural Resources to Stock Channel Catfish Into Local Ponds

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources plans to stock about 1,000 channel catfish into 11 ponds in Maryland in May.

This is the DNR’s efforts to create more opportunities for Marylanders to go fishing in areas that are not usually suitable for it.

Ponds in central, southern and eastern Maryland will be stocked with 20 fish per acre, and the fish will weigh three to five pounds each.


The fish should provide opportunity for anglers of all skill levels, from beginner to seasoned, and will even give an opportunity to introduce kids to fishing.

The channel catfish were raised at the DNR’s Joseph Manning Hatchery and Unicorn Lake Hatchery. The stocking of the catfish will be announced by the end of the day it is done.

For more updates check the DNR’s website.

At least, I think they're Channel cats. I don't really know my catfish around here very well.

I think this is a bit of a make work project. There isn't that much demand for catfish fishing opportunities, because there are a lot of natural waters in tributaries around here where Channel, Blue, Flathead and Bullhead catfish can be caught. And, I suspect, catfish from stocked ponds are going to taste like pond.


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