Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Beach Report 5/26/21

Skye and I were on our own again today. It's warm here, high 80s - low 90s at home, but much cooler at the beach thanks to a brisk south east breeze.

The color you see in the water is not an artifact, we are experiencing a significant red or mahogany tide, caused by dinoflagellates. Not especially harmful here in most cases, they are a sign of eutrophication.

We caught the best part of the low tide, and managed to walk up to the big slides at Matoaka. Tooth hunting was OK, 16 sharks teeth, including this best of the year Cow Shark tooth, a stingray barb and the almost requisite crab claw. The Cow Shark tooth would have been even better in the root were mostly intact.
You can see the water is clear here, further up the beach. The red tide formed a narrow band about 50 yards wide on just one area of the shore. 

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