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Election 2020: Republicans Scotch Pelosi's Jan. 6 "Truth Commission"

And boy, is the WaPoo ever pissed. GOP senators block Jan. 6 commission, likely ending bid for independent probe of Capitol riot, Dan Balz, Analysis, The Senate vote on the bipartisan Jan. 6 commission showed Trump’s power and a government under duress, Karen Tumulty, The really scary reason Republicans don’t want to face the truth about Jan. 6, Ed Board, Pelosi should appoint a select committee to investigate the Jan. 6 riot

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.28.21 The Geller Report reports Democrat Effort To Establish January 6 Commission Dies In The Senate.  AllahPundit whines GOP filibusters January 6 commission, with six Republicans voting yes, Spencer Brown at Town Hall, Republicans Block January 6th Commission in First Filibuster Victory of Biden Presidency, Sundance at CTH, Senate Republicans Block Formation of January 6th Commission, The Election Narrative of The DC UniParty, Ace, Senate Blocks Partisan Star Chamber January 6 Commission

It got 54 votes, with 35 voting nay. It takes 60 votes to close debate on the bill and proceed to final passage. A lot of people abstained, it looks like. Some real heroes there. Fox News

Nick Arama at Redstate notices that CNN, WaPo Reporters Upset COVID Origins Might Be Investigated, but Gov't Might 'Ignore' Capitol Riot, and AllahPundit whines (he does a lot of whining) about poor Joe Manchin issues statement: I sure am disappointed in Republicans for filibustering the January 6 commission. That's kind of the point of the filibuster, to stop things?

In other Jan. 6 related news, Julie Kelly at Am Great has the receipts, New Video Depicts Capitol Police Using Stun Grenades on Crowd "The video appears to contradict official claims and testimony that police did not use flashbangs on the January 6 Capitol Hill protesters." PM, BREAKING: Hillary Clinton falsely claims Jan 6 rioters killed a police officer "Hillary Clinton posted a tweet after Republicans blocked the formation of the Jan. 6 Commission, making the false claim that those who rioted at the Capitol Building on that day "killed a policeman." I thank the stars every day that Trump defeated that lying sack of shit. Peter D'Abrosca at Am Great, No, the Capitol Trespassers Aren’t ‘Terrorists’ "We are entering a period of political persecution unlike anything we’ve seen in American history." And they're not "insurrectionist" either, another slur that the liberal media uses liberally. 

Language is the primary mechanism of communication. If the words that comprise our language lose meaning, it will become impossible for us to understand each other. We will become, and are becoming, inherently less connected and more divided.

Perhaps more concerning is what the American regime is currently doing to the Capitol trespassers. The regime’s actions are without question more evil and immoral than the act of trespassing at the Capitol itself.

Federal prosecutors and judges are holding mostly first-time offenders without bond in a segregated section of a D.C. jail. The vast majority of detainees have been charged with misdemeanors, not felonies. The Justice Department has yet to charge any of the people they arrested after January 6 with “insurrection” or “terrorism,” let alone “treason” or “sedition.” They are being denied due process.

Worse, the FBI and the Defense Department are turning the surveillance powers we generously granted them after 9/11 inward, and using them against anyone who might be considered subversive to the official narrative. The regime is quietly using January 6 as a pretext to launch a new “War on Terror” against any American citizen who doesn’t obey.

We are entering a period of political persecution unlike anything we’ve seen in American history, all premised on the lie that “fascist, white supremacist, terrorist insurrectionists” attempted a “coup” on January 6—a lie constructed using words that no longer have an agreed-upon meaning.

It can only end badly.

Ken Blackwell at CNS News, Democrats Pull Hat Trick With Dishonest Voting Rights Bill. It's too long to excerpt effectively, but it's damning. Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.28.21 Don Surber claims Democrats in a panic

The biggest problem for Democrats is they cheated to win in 2020 by getting states to violate their own election laws to make it easier to stuff the ballot box with mail-in votes.

If Democrats do not codify those mid-election rule changes, Biden could be their last president.

Atlantic reported, "Anxiety is growing among a broad range of civil-rights, democracy-reform, and liberal groups over whether Democrats are responding with enough urgency to the accelerating Republican efforts to both suppress voting and potentially overturn future Democratic election victories."

Democrats want "to pass the national election standards," which means federalizing all election, which means having the federal bureaucracy decide who wins what election. Look for demands for diversity and equity to ensure Democrat victories. Poca Town Hall could look like a Harvard faculty meeting.

But Republicans have the votes to stop them in the Senate.

So far, Republicans are.

Also, at Da Tech Guy Blog, Interesting bit of Lawyering Up in GA

As you might have heard a Judge in Georgia has ordered an examination of absentee ballots in Georgia

Apparently this has resulted in some lawyering up both officially

Now it seems to me that the county would have it’s own lawyers but these folks have hired some serious legal muscle to fight this.

Why you might think that despite all those people in the media insisting otherwise that things might not be on the up and up.

Unexpectedly of course
You might get a clue why by reading Stu Cvrk at Red State's AUDIT of Elections Update: A Week’s Worth of Bombshells. Get to the section on vote "adjudication", the process where a ballot that won't scan correctly on the machine is "judged" by a real live person, who in the five cities where all the action happened, are mostly Democrat poll workers. For example in Maricopa County, 11% of ballots went to adjudication. And the adjudication records were deleted (and then, recovered). Also follow the time travelling ballots. One time is an error, two times is two errors, multiple times is knavery. 

At Insty, WISCONSIN: Top Wisconsin Republican Robin Vos hires former cops to investigate November election.
Arizona: GOP lawmakers seek to nullify Hobbs in election litigation. “Republican lawmakers took the first steps Tuesday to strip Secretary of State Katie Hobbs of some of her powers. Measures approved by both the House and Senate Appropriations committees would take away her power to defend state election laws and give it to Attorney General Mark Brnovich.”

Georgia: Motion to dismiss delays Georgia’s ballot fraud lawsuit.

Thanks to commenter Porkypine for these links.

UPDATE: From the comments: “Not once in all the challenges have the Democrats responses indicated ‘we have nothing to hide.'”

Well, as Nate Silver says:

ET, Judge Rejects CNN’s Motion to Dismiss Dershowitz Defamation Lawsuit
A federal judge rejected a motion made by CNN this week to dismiss a defamation lawsuit filed by Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz.

CNN presented an abridged version of remarks made by Dershowitz to the Senate during former President Donald Trump’s first impeachment trial, which “is not accurate, to the extent that it omitted a crucial qualification: that an illegal motive for a quid pro quo would be corrupt,” U.S. District Judge Raag Singhal, a Trump nominee, wrote in his 22-page ruling.

Matt Vespa at Town Hall, With These Numbers, All Trump Has to Do Is Declare His 2024 Run and the GOP Primaries Are Over

Trump isn't going away. The populist movement is here. It's here to stay. And this is merely halftime. Trump's political value hasn't depreciated in any way, shape, or form. What to do? He's in his 70s. He's rich. Why bother running for office again when he can enjoy his money? Would he like the kingmaker role? If Trump decides to run again, the primaries are over. If he doesn't, he needs to pick a successor, and right now, that looks like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. The only question is whether the base will follow? We all see what happens when Trump isn't on the ballot. Turnout dips, but DeSantis is popular with more establishment types as well. Political coalitions are often non-transferable. Will Trump be an exception to the rule if he gets behind DeSantis quickly? We shall see.
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