Saturday, May 8, 2021

Beach Report 5/8/21

As Skye and I walked through the marina on the way to the beach, this Green Heron, the first I've seen this year, got out of our way.

We met up with Georgia on the beach. I was served instant karma when I pointed out Georgia stepping on a small shark's tooth, only to have her glance over and find this nice Snaggletooth. She clearly won the day with 9 teeth to my 6, but I had a little more variety, with a couple of skate pieces and crab claw.  
The weather forecast was strong west winds, and scattered showers. The winds were strong, but more north than I saw at Cove Point when I left. In the low 50's it was the first day back in jeans and a long sleeve shirt in a week.

One of those scattered showers passing south of us. We felt a few drops.

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