Sunday, May 9, 2021

Election 2020: Down in Arizona with those Maricopa Blues Again

Except for Liz Cheney, who I don't care much about (we Republicans are used to being betrayed), most of what passes for election coverage today concerns the Maricopa recount. To briefly recap, many Republicans, including the Arizona Senate majority, think something funny happened in the vote count in Maricopa County, site of Phoenix. The Arizona Senate has voted for a complete vote audit, with hand counted ballots, to dodge the dodgy voting machines, and order Maricopa County to turn over the machine and associated router to check for funny business. From the reaction of Maricopa County, and Democrats in and out of government all over the country, you'd think they had something to hide.

From Daniel Payne at JTN, Arizona Senate, Maricopa Co. mull next steps in standoff over routers subpoenaed in vote audit

A standoff occurring in Arizona's ongoing audit of the 2020 election may be resolved by the interpretation and enforcement of a state judge's February ruling that greenlit the audit itself in the first place.

Maricopa County — the state's largest county and the subject of the court-approved audit — announced this week that it would refuse to surrender numerous routers included as part of a subpoena from the Republican-controlled state Senate.

Senate Republicans in their subpoena had demanded access to all county-owned routers "used in connection with the administration of the 2020 election." Maricopa officials responded this week by claiming that the routers used by the county to handle election data also serve dozens of other departments, with some of that data constituting a potential major security risk for both state and federal agencies.

The routers include "critical law enforcement data that, by law, cannot be disclosed, as well as Maricopa County residents' protected health information and full social security numbers," Maricopa spokesman Fields Moseley told Just the News this week.

Erika Flores, a spokeswoman for the county's elections department, on Friday offered further clarification on the alleged security issues posed by the routers.

"Providing county level routers is extremely dangerous as it would provide a mapping of how the county network is connected, addresses of critical internal assets, router system configuration, and the ability to see administrative usernames and possibly passwords," she claimed.

"If real time access was given to the routers in production it's possible that some traffic going through them could be visible, which includes law enforcement. These are critical systems behind multiple layers of protection and access is severely limited to them."

In February, judge said confidential material was responsive to subpoena

Yet the ultimate success or failure of the county's position likely depends upon the interpretation — and potential enforcement — of a February ruling from a state judge affirming the legitimacy of the state Senate's subpoenas.

In his decision that month, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Timothy Thomason ruled against Maricopa County officials who had sought to block the subpoena on various procedural and statutory grounds.

Addressing claims by county officials that they were not obligated to surrender confidential material requested by the subpoena, Thomason said: "The Subpoenas are, in essence, the equivalent of a Court order, requiring production of certain information. The County cannot avoid a subpoena based on statutes that require that the material being subpoenaed be kept confidential."

Wayne Root at Town Hall, Here's How You Know Democrats Rigged and Stole the 2020 Election. Amng other things

Here are the questions I want answered.

-- If Democrats didn't rig and steal the election, why are they so afraid of forensic audits in key battleground states, specifically the current audit in Arizona?

But David Graham at the Slantic calls it The Unfolding Disaster in Arizona "The question isn’t whether it can end well, but how exactly it will end badly." Yes, it would end badly for you if it turned out there was evidence for election changing levels of fraud, and that wouldn't take much because the President* Biden's margin of victory in Arizona was only 10,457.

Down in Texas, Karen Townsend reports Texas lawmakers advance election reform legislation in late night vote. Liberals and Democrats everywhere ready themselves for the next round of hissy fits.

Varad Mehta at Point/Counterpoint argues Liz Cheney Has to Go "The Wyoming congresswoman has herself to blame for her impending downfall" as Does Grace Curley at Da Spec US "The sooner the GOP cuts ties with her, the better". Mark Levin, always noted for his moderate stance says 'TRAITOR to all things conservative': Mark Levin ROASTS Mitt Romney over defense of Liz Cheney (Da Blaze). WaPoo finds in Cheney, another Republican to (temporarilly) admire: Liz Cheney’s months-long effort to turn Republicans from Trump threatens her reelection and ambitions. She says it’s only beginning. AllahPundit at Hot Hair sneers that her presumptive replacement, Stefanik tells House GOP she'll quit leadership after 2022 if they promote her to Cheney's job now

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  1. Much is dependent on the Maricopa County process, not just the results but the filtering of good data from bad. The election is widely thought to have been polluted and the screams from the elite only reinforce that position.