Monday, May 10, 2021

Election 2020: I'm Shufflin' Through the Texas Sand, but My Head's in Maricopa

With apologies to ZZ Top. As usual these days, Sundance at CTH hosts Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward Provides Weekend Update on Status of Maricopa County Audit

From Matt Margolis at PJ Media, Biden's DOJ Moves to Interfere the Maricopa County Election Audit while HE reports Arizona Republicans to Brush Off DOJ Audit Concerns. JB Shurk at Am Think thinks If There's Nothing to Hide, Why Are Democrats Freaking Out about the Arizona Audit? and Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media, The Morning Briefing: What Are Democrats So Afraid of in Maricopa County? Well, they could be proved right? Doesn't seem like a good reason to object, does it? 

The optics are awful. The overwhelming effort to shut down the audit can be dressed up in all the concern for the process that they want but it still reeks of them having something to hide. Even if Trump does pick up votes in Maricopa County, it’s not like that can overturn the election. There should be no reason whatsoever for the Democrats to not want this audit to go forward.

ET reports that Arizona Formally Bans Post-Election Signature Fix for Mail-In Ballots. Oh my gawd; Jim Crow, anonymous people who may or may not be citizens, or may or may not actually exist can no longer vote! Better late than never I suppose.

WaPoo carries the long expect his piece on Russell Ramsland, How the election-fraud myth was spread by Russell Ramsland and the Texas security company ASOG. Notice how the lead with the conclusion. HE, Win or Lose, the Effort in Windham, New Hampshire Must Be Celebrated—Especially if It’s Lose.

At issue are vote tallies for the congressional races that were on the ballot last November 3. Windham is a traditional GOP stronghold, and, as might be expected, Republicans came out the winner in each of the contested races. The margins of victory were close enough in several races to trigger a manual recount of the votes. After the recount, while all initially declared winners were confirmed, the vote discrepancy between the election day machine totals and those of the hand recount constituted the largest machine count discrepancy in the history of New Hampshire elections.

The Am Con, How Mark Zuckerberg Almost Handed Texas To The Democrats  "The Center for Technology and Civic Life flooded the second largest state with money from the Facebook founder." Which could be retitled "How Mark Zuckerberg wasted a third of a billion dollars to flip Texas."

Becket Adams at WaEx, Gannett apologizes for stealth-editing Stacey Abrams's op-ed. They only regret getting caught.

"We regret the oversight in updating the Stacey Abrams column,” said a spokesperson for Gannett, which owns roughly 100 newspapers, including USA Today. “As soon as we recognized there was no editor’s note, we added it to the page to reflect her changes. We have reviewed our procedures to ensure this does not occur again."

Too late. Too many people read the original piece, in which Abrams voiced support for a boycott of Georgia over its new voting laws.

Greg Piper at JTN,  D.C. jail treatment of Capitol riot defendants draws bipartisan outrage "It was a well-thought-out strategic plan" to transfer inmates to D.C., where they can be "mic'd in a cage,"  Read it all. This is a true outrage. Kevin Downey at PJ Media claims It’s Cool if You’re a Violent Antifa/BLM Rioter but Don’t You Dare Take a Selfie at the Capitol. 

Forty-seven of the 96 Portland rioters hit with federal charges relating to attacks on federal buildings have had their charges dropped, including charges of assaulting an officer. Ten people have taken plea deals and they have mostly been sentenced to community service. Senior Trump administration officials pushed for charges of sedition and racketeering but none were filed.

No one arrested for being in the Capitol on January 6th has been charged with insurrection, sedition or anything even close to toppling the government. Though there may have been as many as 300,000+ Trump supporters in Washington, D.C., on January 6th, no firearms were recovered at the Capitol. No one has even been charged with arson, because there were no fires lit, yet some of the non-violent protesters are still in jail. Calling this an insurrection is laughable. The guy with the horns never even hit anyone. Portland STILL burns nightly, yet few are punished.

And Rick Fuentes at Am Think thinks A Phony Insurrection Brings on a Real Purge

Four months later, the Capitol is still a citadel and January 6 remains the gift that keeps the Democrat media flacks in print and Republicans diving for cover. The nine active duty soldiers and cops arrested by the FBI have become the cause cèlébre for Joe Biden to have misgivings over the remaining 19 million under arms here and abroad.

Newly-minted Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, a retired Army four-star now on leave from the boardroom of defense contractor Raytheon, placed the entire U.S. military into a 60-day staggered stand down, dropping its guard to hunt a ghostly phalanx of extremists and racists plotting within the rank and file. And while no such insurgent has raised his head across town at DHS, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has followed suit, launching a probe to reveal the internal menace but offering no details on the purity test that would expose the revolutionists on their payroll.

Evidence of a systemic insider threat at DHS or the Pentagon is woefully inadequate, but there are hallway anecdotes and loud acclamations by the ruling class that white supremacy is the most severe national security threat confronting the country. We know this to be true because the teleprompter told Joe Biden as much during his recent SOTU address to Congress, even as al Qaeda, giddy over a military withdrawal from Afghanistan, promised a September 11 do-over for America.

PM, 'Rules are in SHAMBLES': Facebook Oversight Board member speaks out against Trump ban. Rules? It's clear they're making this shit up as they go along. At Da Caller, Survey: Nearly Half Of Voters Oppose Facebook’s Trump Ban. And the rest are Democrats. The Silicon Valley monopolies need breaking up.

And, in case you really care about Liz Cheney's impending ouster from GOP leadership:

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