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Election 2020: Michigan Reheating

First, we'll review the Maricopa County shenanigans. Stu Cvrk at Red State explains why Why the Democrats Are Totally Panicked About the Arizona Audit. It would be the first domino to really fall, and bust the narrative of the "Big Lie."

HE has an AUDIT UPDATE: Maricopa County Officials Refuse to Hand Over Routers to Arizona Senate, which generally implies they have something to hide. Sundance at CTH posts AZ GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward Exposes The Big Lie Behind Maricopa County Refusing to Permit Review of Router System During Ballot Audit
There are no other networks or servers connected to the voting system. The boards justification is a fraud. The auditors are demanding a review of the electronic router system used in the ballot tabulation process. The auditors and State Senate are likely to battle Maricopa county in court. This is an interesting update….

"A makeshift review of the vote in the state’s largest county has pleased followers of former President Donald J. Trump but is being widely criticized as a partisan exercise."

And onto Antrim County, Michigan, where it's pretty clear a big booboo happened during the machine counting, initially giving the victory to Biden, with a hand count restoring the victory to Trump, but it's not clear exactly how that happened. Sundance hosted the live stream of a hearing into what happened, which is now a YouTube, Antrim County Court Hearing on Ballot Tabulation Fraud – 1:30pm Livestream. Some results from that hearing. First, also from Sundance, Direct Evidence of Intentional Dominion Ballot Counting and Tabulation Fraud Submitted to Court in Michigan Following Forensic Audit of Antrim County Ballot Counting Systems

This appears to be a rather big deal. In the Antrim County, Michigan lawsuit, the lawyer for plaintiff William Bailey has just submitted direct evidence of ballot counting manipulation within the electronic ballot counting system.

Attorney Matthew DePerno has submitted the results of a forensic audit showing how votes were manipulated in the county tabulation system. [Supplemental Brief Here]

Dan Chaitin, WaEx, Michigan attorney alleges 1,061 'phantom ballots' found in Antrim County 2020 election case

Matthew DePerno, who is representing Antrim County resident William Bailey, said a recount in December tallied 15,962 ballots, but only 14,901 votes were shown in the Michigan secretary of state's database, meaning 1,061 don't exist on voter rolls.

This alleged discovery of "phantom ballots," DePerno wrote in a recent filing, supports the need for an audit of the county results. Other irregularities that warrant a closer look, according to DePerno, are data showing a near 100% turnout among voters aged 65 to 80 and 1 in 5 ballots being sent to P.O. boxes.

Sundance, President Trump Draws Attention to Antrim County, Michigan, Election Lawsuit – Judge Will Rule on Today’s Evidence Hearing May 18th. But regardless of Antrim County, there won't be enough to overturn Michigan, where the President* Biden's margin of "victory" was about 150,000. The search would need to be widened.  In that regard, note Joe Hoft's post at Gateway Pundit, THIS IS BIG: US Census Bureau Confirms HUGE CONFLICT in Total Number of Voters in 2020 Election

Election Wiz: US Census data released last week called into question the official vote tally from the 2020 election. As part of the Census, the government collects data on citizens who self-report as having voted in presidential elections. The collected data shows an unusual anomaly in the reported results.

According to the Census, the recorded number of people voting in 2020 was tallied at 154,628,000. On the other hand, official results place the number of actual ballots cast slightly north of 158 million. That’s a discrepancy of nearly four million votes.

Speaking to pollster Richard Baris during an episode of “Inside the Numbers,” lawyer Robert Barnes said historically, the Census tends to “pin on the nose” the recorded vote numbers with the actual results. In other words, often the two data sets reasonably match.

This was a rather unusual election for a lot of reasons, so this could just be bad sampling by the census, or somebody, or a group of somebodies could have invented 3.5 million votes. They should be able to look at the census data by region and determine where those overvotes came from.  Now, if most of those extra votes turned out to be located in the five crucial cities, wouldn't that would be interesting?

Newsweek, Mike Lindell Urges Dominion Employee to Turn Himself In for 'Only' 10-20 Years in Jail. What does he know?

And, what does she know? From Matt Margolis at PJ Media, Queen to Announce Voter ID Requirements in UK to Tackle Election Fraud. TNP, UK Announces Voter ID Law To Avoid U.S.-Style Election Fraud. Well, we already knew the Queen was racist, because she seems to no fan of Megan Markle. 

From the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 05.10.21, at Da Lid, Analysis: The Biden Regime Has Declared War on Trump Supporters  Ace, A judge in DC tells some of the Four Hour Insurrectionists that they might not be legally competent to raise children, if they believe that Biden stole the election. I don't believe DC judges and juries should be allowed to try non-DC residents. 

Can we take away the children of antifa and BLM or nah?

Quick, it's time for AllahPundit to write another darkly drunken post about the unacceptable authoritarianism of the "Trumpy" people.
Memorial Day: Biden faces growing pressure to let veterans use Pentagon parking lot for event" Pentagon blamed coronavirus risks for decision on Rolling to Remember event"

"If you look at the facts that BLM can get a riot permit in Washington, D.C., with COVID going on at the exact same time, how do you not allow veterans into the parking lot, the 70-acre parking lot of the Pentagon in this 20-year plus tradition? Total politics in my opinion," Mast told Fox News' "The Faulkner Focus" last week.

WSJ, cited at Hot Hair, Trump election lawsuits lead to requests to discipline lawyers. More abuse of power. Promising more abuse of power, White House says Biden won't 'underestimate Trump' if he runs in 2024. PM, WATCH: Stacey Abrams 'absolutely' has presidential ambitions. Run, Stacey run; nothing could be better for Republicans. 

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