Friday, May 21, 2021

Beach Report 5/21/21: Stuff that Flies

When Skye and I got down to the beach this Green Heron was stalking minnows from the jetty.

A delightful day, but a trifle warm for someone built for Siberia. Not a great day for teeth, but we got a few, and three drum's teeth.
A Bald Eagle few overhead on its way out to fish, or rob an Osprey. Not my best eagle picture ever, but at least you can see what it is.
While we were coming back down the beach, this little sea plane circled the area, and did a touch and go down off beach south of us. He flew by low and close enough to wave. I wonder how many rod holders you can mount on it.
A chopper I haven't seen before. It's clearly a government thing, and the text on the bottom of it is USNTPS, which googles as United States Naval Test Pilot School, located at the Patuxent River Naval Air Station. Out on bikini patrol? A few nice ones out today.

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