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Election 2020: House Passes Jan. 6 "Truth" Commission Bill

Nancy Pelosi's pet proposal for a commission to "investigate" the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion is today's talk of the town. Stacy McCain asks the totally rhetorical question, Why Do Democrats Want a 9/11-Style Capitol Riot ‘Truth Commission’?

But while the CNN/MSNBC media gang want a Jan. 6 “Truth Commission” mainly to keep feeding their audience the Orange Man Bad diet they crave, Democrats are seeking more tangible political advantage:

Six months later, the “Big Lie” won’t die.
The Left and NeverTrump have tried everything in their collective power to punish critics of the 2020 presidential election: Social media accounts, including those belonging to Donald Trump, have been deplatformed. Republican lawmakers have been cut off by longtime donors, threatened with legal recourse, and worse.
Nonviolent Trump-supporting Americans who traveled to the nation’s capital on January 6 to protest dubious election results in swing states now face criminal charges. Nearly 75 million Americans are considered potential “domestic violent extremists” by their own government and nearly half their countrymen agree.
Lives and careers are being destroyed — and the Biden regime is only getting started. . . .
Read the whole thing.

Rick Moran at PJ Media, Top Republican in the House Opposes Bill Authorizing Jan. 6th Commission and CNN whines McCarthy's bid to quash January 6 commission underscores GOP split on Trump. AllahPundit at Hot Hair, McConnell: I cannot support this "slanted" January 6 commission. They both know it's going to be used as a cudgel against Republicans. At Da Caller, Trump Says Jan. 6 Commission Is ‘Democrat Trap’ Unless Portland, Minneapolis Riots Also Studied. At Insty, ROGER SIMON: Democrats, Not Trump Supporters, Are the True Jan. 6 Insurrectionists.

If you were to stage an insurrection on the Untied States government would you, (a.) simultaneously attack the power grid at multiple points, turning out the lights across the country or (b.) dress up like a horned Star Wars character at a comic book convention and enter the Capitol building, unarmed, as if it were Halloween?

You don’t have to be an experienced insurrectionist like the late Muammar Gaddafi (who was armed to the teeth during his, needless to say) to know the answer.

If you replied (b.) you are either a moron, a liar or a Democrat—or some combination of the three.

What occurred in Washington DC on Jan. 6 of this year was about as far from an insurrection as I am from being a spaceman living on Mars.

Were those people stupid? Sure.

Were they juvenile? Rather.

But were they insurrectionists? You gotta be kidding.
. . .
But they do have plenty of Democratic Party operatives with bylines to drive their preferred narratives: US Capitol Police statement on leaked letter ‘from members of the USCP’ instantly makes media reports age horribly.

The last is a rather typical case of media perfidy, where a single Capitol policeman is used to misrepresent the entire force. 

Sundance, An Excellent Opportunity is Presented – Which Republicans Will Vote to Support The January 6th Commission? Force a Vote, Put Them on Record, Remove Them in 2022.

One detail covered is that someone in the Maricopa County election group had factually deleted the master voter result files as previously reported; however, Ben Cotton one of the forensic auditors (testimony below), was able to follow the electronic trail of the deleted master file and recover it making it available for the auditors to use. That’s good news.

And inadvertent good news from WaPoo Inspired by Arizona recount, Trump loyalists push to revisit election results in communities around the country

Chase Martin at Town Hall, Florida: The Latest Victim of Anti-Election Integrity Lawsuits Nationwide

Last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law SB 90, a commonsense law that seeks to strike the perfect balance between making it easy to vote, yet hard to cheat.

As expected, before the ink on the law had a chance to dry, the same Democratic-Party aligned law firm that filed lawsuits against election integrity bills in Georgia, Iowa, and Montana filed yet another suit, this time in Florida. Allegations of voter suppression frothed from the mouth of political pundits on television and the professional outrage machine swung into full action.

Despite this mobilization, there is no controversy here worthy of outrage. In passing this law, Florida’s legislature has provided a set of fair and consistent rules that promote free, fair, and transparent elections—a constitutional right for their citizens.

One reform in the new Florida law bans ballot harvesting, a shady practice where political operatives gather stacks of absentee ballots from vulnerable voters at places like nursing homes or long-term care facilities and turn them in. Since the groups and individuals that harvest ballots are generally highly partisan, legitimate concerns exist that they might tamper with ballots or otherwise exert improper influence over voters as they fill them out.

The law also follows the national trend of ending the funneling of private money directly to local election officials in order to fund get-out-the-vote efforts for the Left. These kinds of schemes, most notably, “Zuckerbucks,” raised serious concerns during the 2020 election.

Hmm, from Natalie Winters at TNP,  PA County Judge Says Republican Ballots Cannot Be Scanned.

“Chris Varney, Judge of Elections says they were initially under the impression that it was a problem with all ballots, but then determined it was only a problem with Republican ballots,” local news reported. The election official was unaware how many other precincts were experiencing the same issue, but noted it was occurring in numerous locations across Fayette County.

The Fayette County Bureau of Elections confirmed the reports of precincts across the county rendered unable to scan ballots.

“The solution provided by Fayette County officials was to collect ballots from voters and store them in the back of voting machines — but not to scan any of them to ensure the process was handled in a fair manner,” reports added.

Breitbart, Redistricting to Put Democrat House Majority in Jeopardy and a most excellent Morning Rant from Buck Throckmorton at Ace's  GOP-Controlled States Won* By Biden Need To Adopt The Maine/Nebraska System For Allocating Electoral Votes

Republicans have solid majorities in the statehouses of Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, and they also hold at least half of the Congressional seats in each of those states, but all 73 electoral votes from those states went to Joe Biden in 2020. It’s time for these states to adopt the Maine/Nebraska system (“Congressional District System”) of allocating electoral votes, wherein the statewide winner only receives two electoral votes, while the remaining electoral votes are allocated to the candidate who wins each individual congressional district.

Assuming that Congressional districts held by Republicans voted for Trump in those five states, and if those states had used the Congressional District System, then Trump would have picked up 34 more electoral votes, which would have made a 68-vote swing in the final vote differential. The actual 2020 electoral college vote of 306 (Biden) to 232 (Trump) would then become 272 (Biden) to 266 (Trump.) That would have left the GOP just 3 votes shy of a 269-269 tie. Those 3 votes might already be headed the GOP’s way with re-apportionment based on the 2020 census.
. . .
Aside from swinging some electoral votes from Democrats to Republicans, the other main benefit of making the switch would be to disincentivize ballot fraud in those states’ big cities. Philadelphia may be able to produce an infinite number of fraudulent ballots, but that wouldn’t mean a thing in its deep-blue districts, other than padding the margin for the two electoral votes chosen statewide. Would Democrats in Philly even be motivated to commit so much ballot fraud if it only affected two electoral votes rather than 20 electoral votes? I doubt it. That alone could help swing those states from the Dem column to the GOP.

But what about conservative principles? Weren’t we all talking about the sanctity of the current electoral college system after 2016, when Democrats wanted to ditch it and go with a national popular vote?

First off, by going to the Congressional District System in certain states, there is nothing that requires the Constitution to be amended – it is fully legal right now. Nebraska and Maine already do it. By contrast, the national popular vote would require a constitutional amendment, and the election laws that Democrat politicians and judges changed by decree in 2020 were done by illegal methods. I am not going to sit still and be a principled loser in the face of ballot fraud and illegal last-minute voting changes. Going to the Congressional District System is a legal way to fight back against the election irregularities that are being used against us.

More importantly, my principle is to win. My principle is that the 68-vote swing from those 34 electoral votes is worth pursuing. This is a legal way to do it. And you know what, if Georgia can stop the election fraud in Fulton County and return to being bright-red, it can simply go back to winner-take-all with its electoral votes.

From Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.19.21, JB Shurk at Am Think thinks An Election Heist Too Big to Fail

If questioning the legitimacy of a national election were tantamount to treason, as Cheney keeps insisting, then where has she been for the last two decades? Gore; Kerry; and the national secrets–spilling, hard drive–shattering, evidence-spoiling Hillary Clinton have all professed their elections "stolen," and party elders Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi have unanimously agreed. Hillary continues to blame her loss on a Russian hack that never happened, and America's Pravda news cabal has so successfully laundered her delusions that a majority of brainwashed Democrat voters still believe that lie to be true. Democrats have literally called President Trump a Russian "asset" and "spy" for five years. Charges that come with the possibility of a death sentence are kind of a big deal (and a lot of Hollywood ignoramuses have, indeed, called for Trump's execution).

 538 waffles How The Republican Party Could Splinter (Or Stay The Same) After Liz Cheney’s Ousting

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