Friday, May 28, 2021

Maryland, My Maryland

Maryland Governor Vetoes Bill Making Maryland a Sanctuary State

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced Wednesday that he has vetoed a bill that would make Maryland a sanctuary state.

“As promised, I have vetoed sanctuary state legislation that would hinder local law enforcement’s ability to cooperate with federal law enforcement,” Hogan tweeted. He also asked for people to sign a petition telling the state legislature to uphold his veto.

“Local law enforcement should fully cooperate with federal law enforcement—a principle I have consistently upheld throughout three federal administrations led by presidents from both political parties. Flawed legislation such as this sets a dangerous precedent regarding the state’s commitment to upholding the law and ensuring the safety of our citizens,” Hogan said in the petition.

Hogan is not much of a Republican; how can he be in a state so dominated by Democrats. But he's likely better than the alternative.

Of course, his having to veto it means our legislature voted in favor. Our own delegate, Mark Fisher, a Republican, voted against it. It looks like a override vote in the MD could be close, the original vote was 86 - 44, with several missing or abstentions. 

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