Saturday, May 29, 2021

Rule 5 Saturday - Linda Palacio

This week's selectee for the Rule 5 post is Linda Palacio, a Columbian model:
Linda Palacio is considered the Colombian version of model Adriana Lima.

According to her Instagram page while she is building a career in modeling she studies “Business Administration”.

Her beauty has taken her to different places in the world like Turkey and Mexico to be the image of underwear campaigns and bathing suits, among her great achievements is being the image of Axe deodorants in Asia and Latin America.

From Spanish: She is Linda Palacio, the sexy model who undressed for Don Juan magazine
Linda Palacio , one of the most beautiful and desired women in the modeling world in Colombia, posed for Don Juan Magazine and left more than one of them dripping with drool.

Since her foray into modeling, she has been flattered by her stunning body and green eyes.

Her black hair and delicate silhouette have been the image of different advertising campaigns in Mexico and Turkey.

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