Monday, May 24, 2021

Election 2020: Is the "Truth" Commission Needed?

A relatively light load to begin the week, starting with a compound post at Insty, QUESTION ASKED: Is this Commission really necessary?

The House of Representatives has passed a bill that would establish a commission to investigate the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. The vote was 252-to-175, with 35 Republicans supporting the measure.

The Senate is unlikely to follow suit. Majority Leader McConnell opposes the House bill. He calls it a “slanted and unbalanced proposal” and a “Democrat trap.” Enough Republican Senators agree, or else don’t want to buck the Leader (not to mention former president Trump), to prevent the bill’s passage.

I don’t doubt that the House bill is slanted in favor of the Democrats and that the Dems’ motivation is political. They want to milk the January 6 attack for all its worth, and more.

But the key question is whether investigation by a commission is needed. The events of January 6 were appalling, in my view. However, not every appalling event requires a commission to investigate it.

The events of 9/11 warranted a commission, and the commission the Dems want now has been compared to that one. But to me, the comparison makes the case against a 1/6 commission.
The unlikely political duet of George Will and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez disagree:

Watch: George Will compares January 6 storming of the Capitol to 9/11. Exit quote: “You do not get to lie about September 11, 2001 for political reasons because of Donald Trump.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reveals she’s in therapy following ‘attempted coup’ at Capitol: AOC “says she is in therapy following the ‘all-out, attempted coup’ at the Capitol on 6 January. Speaking to the weekly public radio show Latino USA on Friday, Ms Ocasio-Cortez said members of Congress effectively ‘served in war’ during the traumatising event that had ‘deeply affected lawmaking’ and impacted the legislative process.”

I&I calls The Jan. 6 Commission – Just Another Democratic Propaganda Tool. That's true. David Catron at Am Spec, thinks the Jan. 6 Commission Will Be DOA in Senate "It would be just another partisan vehicle with which to pursue Trump." Never discount the ability of Republicans to fuck things up.

Da Fed and LI have updates on Ashli Babbitt’s Family Suing Capitol Police For Fatal Jan. 6 Shooting. Who shot Ashli Babbitt? But some good news at NYPo, National Guard troops to return home from US Capitol this week, but it appears Democratic lawmakers are now agitating for new Federal police to protect them from being confronted by the deplorables, WaPoo, Lawmakers worry the toxic atmosphere on Capitol Hill will follow them home, raising safety concerns

Several Democratic members have privately expressed their concerns to leadership about security back home as threats have risen, according to people familiar with the discussions who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the conversations. Some of these Democrats said they have paid out of their own pocket to increase security at their district offices or install security systems in their homes out of an abundance of caution.

Many spoke on the condition of anonymity because they said they feared that calling attention to their security concerns could make them or their staff targets for people looking to do harm or cause problems.

At NYPo, Team Biden keeps hyping a basically phony ‘domestic violent extremism’ threat

With illegal migrants crossing the southern border by the hundreds of thousands and setting new records by the month, the Department of Homeland Security’s top priority — somehow — is “domestic violent extremism,” and it doesn’t even mean Antifa.

“President Joe Biden’s top appointees have called white supremacists the greatest security threat to the country and are pushing for bolstered intelligence gathering,” the Associated Press reported last week, noting that DHS “plans to ramp up social media tracking as part of an enhanced focus on domestic violent extremism,” for which the department has opened a new office in its intelligence branch.

Yes, the Jan. 6 Capitol riot was awful, but that collection of crackpots is no serious national-security threat or there’d have been some sign of more such trouble in the months since.

Yet Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines published a “threat assessment” focusing on “white extremism.” DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has ordered an internal review to address “threats” within the department’s ranks. (“Domestic violent extremism poses the most lethal and persistent terrorism-related threat to our country today,” he declared.)

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered a 60-day stand down in February to review the ranks of the military for this extremism. And Attorney General Merrick Garland marked the 26th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing by saying, “The Department of Justice is pouring its resources into stopping domestic violent extremists before they can attack.”

It doesn’t end. As soon as the CDC relaxed its guidance for the vaccinated, DHS announced: “Violent extremists may seek to exploit the easing of COVID-19-related restrictions across the United States to conduct attacks against a broader range of targets after previous public capacity limits reduced opportunities for lethal attacks,” adding that the violent, fueled by “false narratives,” are “likely to exploit Constitutionally-protected freedom of speech activity.”

Wouldn't want those deplorables to "exploit Constitutionally-protected freedom of speech activity" now would we? Wayne Allen Root at Town Hall, Why the American People Have Turned Against Biden. I'm not sure they are, but except for the leftist activists, they're not impressed with his performance so far.

As Trump slams 'weak' Republicans who don't want to talk about Arizona audit, (Da Hill), Sundance at CTH posts Maricopa County, Arizona, Ballot Audit Continues Tomorrow – Weekend Update from Chairwoman Kelli WardAMERICA'S AUDIT THREATENED WITH MORE LAWSUITS AS COUNTING RESUMES

WaPoo, Analysis: Maricopa County is showing how not to audit an election. Just trust your liberals to do it. At Am Great Charlie Kirk asks the entirely rhetorical question, Why Are Democrats So Afraid of Election Audits? We know why, don't we?

The increasingly desperate attacks on the ongoing audit in Maricopa County, Arizona—particularly those intended to undermine the credibility of the auditors—show just how much the Democratic Party establishment fears the whole process. Their entire argument is based on sarcasm, scorn, and scare quotes.

The auditors are inspecting the paper that ballots were printed on? They must believe in a far-fetched conspiracy theory!

The auditors are checking to make sure the ballots don’t have watermarks that are not supposed to be there? They must be members of fringe online message boards!

The audit is being funded primarily by private donations? It must be an elaborate “grift” rather than a serious fact-finding effort (not to mention they need the funds to fend off the litany of lawsuits they’re facing).

By smearing the auditors as corrupt and/or inept, and the audit itself as a partisan stunt, leftists are hoping they can discredit the process and convince Americans to stop asking pesky questions about whether any laws were broken or procedural loopholes exploited during the 2020 elections. That’s the way people respond to questions when they don’t want anyone to know the answers.

Behind the Black, Election audit in New Hampshire confirms unreliability of machine tabulators. I think we know how it happened now, fold where bubble should be. The next question is how far the problem extends.

They are now beginning an investigation into what caused the discrepancies. I would say above all the town should dump these machines and replace them with something that can be trusted, even if it means we go back to primitive times and hand count all elections.

WaPoo, Liz Cheney refuses to link Trump’s false election claims, GOP’s push for new voting restrictions. Larry Elder at Front Page, Fake Outrage Over Cheney 'Ouster'; Dems 'Ousted' Bernie Twice "Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat." If they didn't have double standards, they'd have no standards at all.

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