Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Maryland, My Maryland

Red State, Maryland Judge Tells Employees Across the State: No More 'Thin Blue Line' Masks

If you enjoy wearing support for police on your sleeve — or anywhere else on your person — employment at a Maryland district court isn’t for you.

On Wednesday, a judge in the state laid down the law for workers: No apparel of the “thin blue line” sort will be tolerated.

As reported by CBS Baltimore, Chief Judge John P. Morrissey’s email banned masks and other clothing bearing the pro-cop reference.

Such order applies to bailiffs, constables, clerks, commissioners, staff, and judges across 34 district courthouses.

As for visitors, they’re exempt.

Actually, I don't have much problem with this. The courts should be neutral since they are the buffer between the prosecution and the defense in criminal cases. There's no point in demonstrating further that the system is stacked against defendants.  

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