Saturday, May 15, 2021

Fishing Report 5/15/21

Colonel Dziengeleski (aka Andy or Ski) had invited Tom and I on a fishing trip with two of his fellow officers with Walleye Pete. I heard that Tom and I were replacements for a 3 star who had better, or at least more important, things to do, and a best friend. If your going to be second choice, be second choice to the best.

The day started off cool, clear and calm on the other side of the world (the Eastern Shore). This is the CBF conference Center at Bishops Head, on of many places we stopped.
Fishing wasn't hot, but it wasn't exactly, cold either. We managed to extract a few Striped Bass ranging from tiny to mid 20 inch at nearly every point we checked, but never found a big slug of fish. It's the final day of "trophy season", and Striped Bass need to be 35 inches or longer to keep and we weren't expecting to find any.

Ski himself with a fine one.

But Tom took home the prize, the only keeper fish of the day, this 20 inch Speckled Trout.

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