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Election 2020: Trump Facebook Ban Continues

This ought to piss off the liberals, Trump Allies Launch the Election Integrity Alliance to 'Combat Election Fraud' (Matt Margolis, PJ Media), because if it's the last thing they want to stop, it's election fraud. Tiffany Donnelly at Da Fed, Democrats’ H.R. 1 Election Takeover Would Also Control What Americans And Politicians Say. I wish I had more faith in the Supreme Court. 

The big news, which was entirely expected was that Facebook’s Oversight Board upholds ban on Trump. At least for now. (WaPoo) Speech is free. Just don't expect to be able to post it on the internet. Natalie Winters at TNP, NO SURPRISE: Facebook’s Trump-Banning Oversight Board Is Virtually All Far-Left, Soros-Funded Activists. Politico whines Trump told Facebook's oversight board that his supporters were 'law abiding' during Capitol riot. Surprise, California Officials Worked With Big Tech To Censor Election ‘Misinformation’ On Social Media "Officials logged problematic posts in an internal database and successfully pressured social media companies to remove them." Republicans could do this too, but they would be ignored.  Memos hint Zuckerberg to continue big spending on Georgia election workers, infrastructure. Natalia Mittlestadt at JTN, Facebook founder's influence on election process may extend beyond 2020 if Fulton County in Georgia has its way. Newly obtained memos talk of "doubled" future budget in Atlanta area. The best elections Facebook can buy.

Breitbart, Attorney General Garland: Biden DOJ Budget Includes $85M Increase to Probe Domestic Terrorism Cases and  White House: Joe Biden Will Announce ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Strategy Within Weeks. By which they mean right-wingers demonstrating, not that fiery "mostly peaceful" Antifa and BLM stuff. Missy Ryan at WaPoo agrees in The Pentagon wants to take a harder line on domestic extremism. How far can it go? 

Pentagon officials are considering new restrictions on service members’ interactions with far-right groups, part of the military’s reckoning with extremism, but the measures could trigger legal challenges from critics who say they would violate First Amendment rights.

Are you now, or have you ever been a Trump supporter? Lloyd Billingsley at Front Page, Federal Biden Inquisitors "FBI sends the wrong signals for Biden’s campaign against “domestic terrorism.”" Not if the signal you're trying to send was to intimidate domestic opponents. Also at Front Page, Tucker Video: Biden Putting Political Dissidents on No-Fly List? "If true, this is a turning point in American history."

Christopher Bedford at Da Fed, FBI’s Failed Ron Johnson Set-Up A Case Study In How Agencies Use Corrupt Reporters To Peddle Lies, Hurt Their American Enemies. It's part of the Rudi Giuliani "defensive briefing" scandal, but possibly even more important. Read it.
Sen. Johnson’s statement to The Washington Post can be read in full below:

Because of my position as chairman of the Subcommittee on Europe and Regional Security Cooperation, I have always been aware of Russian disinformation and the need to be careful believing and using any information coming from sources from that region. In fact, during all my investigations we have viewed every piece of information and evidence with skepticism and rigorously worked to verify everything. Our report on Hunter Biden proves the meticulousness of our methods. That is why we asked for and received a briefing on Andrii Telizhenko, and received assurances from the FBI that there was no reason that the Committees should not continue their investigation (see report page 59). We made that clear in the report last September.

I never received a defensive briefing on my and Senator [Chuck] Grassley’s oversight of the Biden family’s foreign business ventures. Regarding reports that I received an FBI briefing warning me that I was a target of Russian disinformation, I can confirm I received such a briefing in August of 2020. I asked the briefers what specific evidence they had regarding this warning, and they could not provide me anything other than the generalized warning. Without specific information, I felt the briefing was completely useless and unnecessary (since I was fully aware of the dangers of Russian disinformation). Because there was no substance to the briefing, and because it followed the production and leaking of a false intelligence product by Democrat leaders, I suspected that the briefing was being given to be used at some future date for the purpose that it is now being used: to offer the biased media an opportunity to falsely accuse me of being a tool of Russia despite warnings. A similar hit piece had been published the day Senator Peters disapproved of my subpoena request for Andrii Telizhenko.

Based on this suspicion, I asked the briefers for the name of who directed them to provide me this briefing. Other than to say it was a product of an inter-agency process, they refused to give me any names. To this day, I have not been told who ordered the completely unnecessary — but politically useful to my opponents — briefing. If you proceed to write this hit piece, you should know that you are being used as a tool and are acting with actual malice.

Aha! The old "interagency process", typified by ex-Lt. Col. Vindman. A bunch of people who think they deserve to make foreign policy.  

Sundance at CTH, DOJ Attempts to Get Involved in Arizona Ballot Audit – As Predicted DOJ Civil Rights Division Cites Lawfare Activists and Media Reports as Evidence of Concern

Everyone knew this was coming…. The Feds are attempting to get involved in the Maricopa County ballot audit. The DOJ Civil Rights Division has sent a letter [pdf available here] to the Arizona State Senate claiming their review of Lawfare statements and media reports may show evidence of auditing issues that violate federal laws.

Last week a group of Lawfare activists [SEE HERE], including New York University Law School – which leads to Andrew Weissmann, asked the DOJ to get involved.

The ridiculous letter from the Biden DOJ goes on to cite media reports from the Washington Post as evidence to justify their involvement.

And WaPoo whines Observers report ballots and laptop computers have been left unattended in Arizona recount, according to secretary of state. You didn't care when it was Democrats controlling the polls. You clearly fear the outcome of this recount. 

Stacy McCain at his other gig at Am Spec, Beware of Media Myth-Makers "Why is everything now subject to political propaganda?" It always was, but the internet made it easier to see. That's why Democrats want to control it.

Since November, CNN and other liberal media outlets have devoted endless hours to assuring their audience that election fraud is a “myth.” No one has ever won an election by cheating, CNN viewers are encouraged to believe, and these viewers are incited to reject as a dangerous fringe “conspiracy theory” any suggestion that Joe Biden’s election was tainted by voter fraud. This is the basis for media coverage suggesting, for example, that Georgia’s new election-integrity law is a racist scheme to “suppress” minority voters and that Arizona’s ongoing election audit is a paranoid snipe hunt. If cheating never happens, new laws to prevent future cheating are unnecessary, nor is there any need to scrutinize the results of previous elections.

My goodness, how quickly the media narrative can change! Some of us are old enough to remember — because it was just four years ago — when CNN and other liberal media outlets were engaged in an extraordinary effort to convince Americans that presidential elections could be stolen quite easily. All it took to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton, according to liberals, was a few Facebook advertisements and fake Twitter accounts produced by nefarious Russian agents. For three years, President Trump was the subject of investigations aimed at proving he had “colluded” with the Russians in this project of stealing the election from Hillary, and CNN went all in on these claims.

Josh Feldman at Mediaite thinks it's important that ABC’s Terry Moran Grills RNC Spox NINE Times On If He Accepts 2020 Election Results: ‘I’m Asking You to Affirm Our Constitution’. Agree with me or else. 

Fanta is a Coke product,
in case you're boycotting still
VodkaPundit at PJ Media,  Insanity Wrap #200: Coke Drops Woke Faster Than They Dropped New Coke, after their blunder into the Georgia boycott:

Coca-Cola to “pause” diversity initiatives after senior exec. resigns

Have a Pepsi… and a smile:
While Coca-Cola’s website states “Diversity, equity and inclusion are at the heart of our values and our growth strategy and play an important part in our company’s success,” this may not be the complete picture, after the company’s senior vice president and global general counsel Bradley Gayton resigned recently.

Many are speculating that Gayton’s resignation is tied to a decline in customer support for Coke, given his history of pushing for diversity initiatives at the company.
Today’s moment of sanity comes with a twist of schadenfreude, but not just for the galloping backtrackers at Coke HQ in Atlanta.

Insanity Wrap was especially delighted to read this news, coming as it did mere hours after this bit of past-its-sell-date nonsense from USA Today’s Tom Krattenmaker: Corporations aren’t ‘woke,’ they just know their customers. Watch and learn, Republicans.

There's still a whole lot of nonsense about Lynne Cheney getting ready to lose her leadership position in the Republican Party because of her outspoken stand against Trump and impeachment vote. Starting with many links at Wombat-socho's In The Mailbox: 05.05.21. Frankly, I don't care, do it or don't do it, but shut up about it:

Regarding Liz Cheney - Erick Erickson's Confessions of a Political Junkie

Nancy Pelosi Praises ‘Lynne Cheney' for ‘Her Courage and Patriotism'

The effort to dump Liz Cheney is the consequence of a party that lost its way – HotAir

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