Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Too Much Russiagate Again

So you mostly get links:

Stung by accusations that their boosting of Russian inspired anti-Trump demostrations stirred polarization, CNN saysTrump's Twitter Venting Against FBI Is Just What Russia Wants, and pointing away from themselves, says Social Media Companies Could Be Prosecuted as Traitors For Running RUSSIAN Ads. First Amendment for me but not for thee. Trump Corrects McMaster on Russian Meddling: 2016 Election Results ‘Were Not Impacted or Changed’. In a classic "Kafka Trap", John Ziegler alleges that The Best Evidence of ‘Russian Collusion’ Is Trump World’s Reaction to the Allegation. If you deny it, you're guilty.

Stacy McCain: No, Russia’s ‘Rinky-Dink Troll Operation’ Did Not Change the 2016 Election Result. If they did, American politicians, who spent over 1000 times as much, are doing it all wrong, but given that they're American politicians, I suppose it's possible. Media Start To Second-Guess Trump-Russia ‘Collusion’ Conspiracy Theory And third guess, and fourth guess, and just plain start making up shit.

Booby Mueller indicted another Russian who he'll never have to go to the trouble of trying:  New Mueller Indictment Handed Down; Update: Oligarch Son-In-Law And Dossier Link?  How Bob Mueller Bought Himself More Time. Indicting real Russians who'll never face trial.  Ken Cuccinelli thinks Trump is exonerated by Mueller indictment of Russians. It'a sort of hard to collude with the Russians when you're not yet running for President. Mueller threatening new charges against Paul Manafort in bid to deplete ‘resources,’ attorney says. It's an old Mueller tactic to force a guilty plea; even if they win the trial they end up broke.

At Ace's J.J. Sefton also has a nice set of links:

Rush: The Establishment is Out to Get Trump, and Every Day is a TrapNunes Demands Answers from 11 Current and Former Government Officials About DossierReport: Congressional Investigators Struggling to Find Alleged Dossier SourceSchiff-for-brains Aims to Have Democrat Response Meme-o Released This WeekIs a Former Feinstein Staffer Running Fusion GPS's Post-Election Steele Dossier Operation?Lawyer Mocks Mueller's "Magical Ability" to Indict with Non-Collusion AllegationsMueller Indictments Reveal Russia's Real Goal - And Who's Been Helping ThemThe Media Changed More Votes in 2016 Than the Russians

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