Wednesday, February 7, 2018

This is Not a Reason I Voted For Trump

Maryland Sea Grant to Fund Research in Water Quality, Fisheries, and Community Resilience

I have no problem with the water quality and fisheries projects, but "Community Resilience?" What do they mean by that?
Climate indicators: Maryland has made efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and develop adaptation strategies to increase communities' resilience to the health, economic, and environmental impacts of climate change. But it can be difficult to evaluate their effectiveness. One solution is to use “indicators”: a decision support tool that tracks changes to a set of environmental conditions over time. This research proposes to develop a Maryland Climate Resilience Indicators system through local and regional stakeholder knowledge, identify the best set of indicators for Maryland, and build a prototype visualization tool which can be used and improved with the help of local communities.
Huh?  The jargon is deep in this one. I can imagine any number of things that they will argue are "Climate Resilience Indicator", but they're all bullshit. There's $192,000 a year down the drain.

I had hoped Trump would put an end to the endless bullshit being promulgated as science, but no luck so far.

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