Friday, February 16, 2018

Californians Propose to Repeal 20th Century

Calif. initiative to ban fluoride, chlorine, vaccine requirements approved to collect signatures
A ballot initiative that would ban fluoride, chlorine, genetically modified organisms and some vaccine ingredients was approved to begin collecting signatures last week, the California Secretary of State's office announced.

Dubbed the "California Clean Environment Initiative" by its creator Cheriel Jensen, the initiative would also eliminate vaccination requirements at schools and daycares, ban more than 300 chemicals it claims are linked to cancer, autism and Parkinson's disease, and prohibit the use of smart meters to monitor energy consumption.
Wow, that's quite a laundry list. Pretty much the entire anti-science agenda of the Democratic party and then some.
"These companies that make the chemicals have taken our right to refuse those chemicals away," Jensen told Patch.

After a 2014 measles epidemic at Disneyland infected 159 people, California passed a law that did away with "personal belief exemptions" parents had been using to avoid vaccinating their children when sending them to school (at least one study indicates there has since been an uptick in parents using medical exemptions to claim their children are too frail to be vaccinated).

The California Clean Environment Initiative would abolish requirements that children be vaccinated to attend school.

"No one shall be excluded from medical care, medical practice, insurance, insurance payments, entitlements, employment, school, daycare, or removed from caregivers on the basis of their medical injection decisions," it reads.

Jensen, a retired city planner and Saratoga resident, told the Times of San Diego she introduced the measure because of her belief that chemicals are linked to autism, Parkinson's and cancer.
The autism link has been long debunked, although a few activists like Jenny McCarthy and Joe Kennedy still cling to it. You might be able to guess which party is the party of science...

If it weren't for family living in California, I'd be OK with this. When the UN Peacekeepers reintroduced cholera, they'd sure miss the chlorine used to disinfect water.

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