Friday, February 23, 2018

It's Done

The deck I referred to in my previous post:

It's the replacement for a previous, somewhat smaller, ground level deck off our front door.

Prep work began a couple of weeks ago, removing the old deck, and filling in 3 tons of dirt to bring the grade back up to where it drains away from the house after 25 years of settlement.

My older son, Corwin, pictured in the center, did most of the construction, all the measuring, cutting, trimming and leveling, while I provided most of the grunt labor, and some nailing and screwing. It's a good thing, because he was much more detail oriented than I would have been, and knew the construction techniques much better.

We picked up the treated lumber on Monday, set the posts and band boards on Tuesday, finished the framing on Wednesday, did the bulk of the decking on Thursday, finished the last decking and the fascia boards today. The decking and fascia are Trex, a composite material with hopefully, a very long life and low maintenance. 

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