Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Deep State Strikes Back

Fox News’ political analyst Gregg Jarrett announced on Sean Hannity’s show last night that “a congressional source” had told him Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein threatened to retaliate against Rep. Devin Nunes, author of the controversial memo released this week. Here’s the brief announcement which came as Hannity was closing out a segment:

This morning, Jarrett tweeted about the topic, adding that a 2nd source had now confirmed the claim:

I agree. Congress has a role in oversight of the DOJ, FBI and the rest of the secret police agencies. For them to be threatening the peoples elected representatives is unacceptable.

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#TheMemo: Worse Than Watergate?
This was a set-up, an entrapment conspiracy. People associated with FusionGPS acted as agents-provocateurs to involve people associated with the Trump campaign with a make-believe Russian influence operation. There was no actual “Russian collusion” because the people who arranged the Trump Tower meeting weren’t working for the Kremlin, they were working for the Democrat Party.

It’s like what they used to say down South: If you ever go to a meeting of five Klansman, one of them will be an FBI undercover agent and at least two of the others will be confidential informants. In the case of the make-believe “Russian collusion,” it appears that practically everybody involved in trying to get the Trump campaign tangled up in this embarrassing mess was, in one way or another, working for FusionGPS, which was being bankrolled by the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

You can criticize the Trump people for having stumbled into the trap through carelessness or stupidity, and accuse them of “process crimes” in attempting to conceal their blunders, but you can’t charge them with “collusion” based on this FusionGPS hoax operation.

Underneath all the details, in other words, “Russian collusion” was as phony as the Rolling Stone gang-rape hoax.
We need to thin the herd.

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