Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Cold Fishing

This afternoon Pete caught me in mid-walk and asked if I wanted to run down to "Location X" and check out the fishing. I dumped Skye off on Georgia, and ran off. Sorry, girls.

It was 35 F out, with occasional showers, some of which had embedded ice crystals.

Fishing was pretty slow, but not as slow as the last time, a week or so ago, when we couldn't catch a cold. I got lucky and caught the one bigger fish of the 5 we caught. There were only a couple of boats there, and one of them was a friend, Chad, who was out with his 3 dogs. We saw Chad catch one nice one too.

In the end, the fishing wasn't hot enough for Pete to subject paying customers to, and he called tomorrows charters and gave them the story, and suggested they cancel or risk a fishless boat ride.

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