Friday, February 23, 2018

Russiagate in the Rain

A bit rainy here this morning, keeping us from going outside to finish the deck project which has sucked up so much of my time and energy this week. So let's use the respite to dive into "Russiagate."

How about we open with a little blue on blue action: Bernie blames Hillary for allowing Russian interference. Well, she was Secretary of State during much of the Obama era, though I think it was mostly to keep her out of his hair.
Bernie Sanders on Wednesday blamed Hillary Clinton for not doing more to stop the Russian attack on the last presidential election. Then his 2016 campaign manager, in an interview with POLITICO, said he’s seen no evidence to support special counsel Robert Mueller's assertion in an indictment last week that the Russian operation had backed Sanders' campaign.
He denies it, so he must be guilty! How The Media Enable Rep. Adam Schiff’s Russian Bot Conspiracy Theories. Just think of them as externally funded arms of the Democratic party, and it all makes sense. More media misconduct: Woman Receives Abuse, Violent Threats After CNN Tracks Down, Publicly Shames Her for Sharing ‘Russian’ Event on Facebook. Will they go after Michael Moore, who attended a Russian instigated Anti-Trump demonstration? To ask the question is to answer it.

McCain associate subpoenaed in Trump dossier probe and he Takes the Fifth! Speaker of the dossier,  Nellie Ohr: Woman in the Middle, Is it a surprise to find a Stalin apologist at the center of the Steele dossier scandal?
Did I mention Nellie Ohr’s Ph.D. thesis is titled “Collective farms and Russian peasant society, 1933-1937: the stabilization of the kolkhoz order”?

“Kolkhoz” order means “collective farm” order, so Ohr’s subtitle refers to the “stabilization” of the collective farm order. The phrasing alone is suggestive of some silverish lining after the six million or more people were killed by Stalin’s state-created famine, mass deportations, and general war of “de-kulakization.”
. . .
Speaking “revisionist” lingo, Nellie Ohr turns the millions killed by Stalin into “excesses,” which, in Ohr’s words, “sometimes represented desperate measures taken by a government that had little real control over the country.” (Poor Stalin.) She depicts purges as representing “to some degree a center-periphery conflict in which the ‘state-building’ central government tried to bring headstrong local satraps under control.”
What is the FBI hiding in its war to protect Comey? At a minimum Comey is guilty of leaking classified material. If it's illegal at all it's illegal for Comey. Put him on trial. Judicial Watch: 'The FBI Needs to be Shut Down,' Transferred to U.S. Marshals Service. A time comes eventually in the life of all institutions where they forget their reason for existence and become all about the survival and growth of the institution. Maybe the FBI has reached that point.

Not A Single Lawyer Known To Work For Mueller Is A Republican 13 out of 16 are Democrats with 3 "undeclared."I can see how it might be hard to find a Republican lawyer in Washington D.C. but you can't really expect fairness. Mueller has decided to load even more charges on Manafort, more than doubling the number of charges to fight in an attempt to force him to plead guilty and flip on Trump. Too bad he doesn't have any children in the business to threaten. But Only a fool would voluntarily talk to Robert MuellerThe Paradoxes of the Mueller Investigation. Why is Mueller apparently not interested in Russian interference in our elections via Christopher Steele? Robert Mueller’s Truth Is Out There, and Robert Mueller is a believer in the power of a prosecutor to frame the innocent. Ask Steven Hatfill.

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