Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Double Bay Day

After lunch, Skye and I headed to the beach. On the way this Spicebush Swallowtail presented herself for a photo op.
The Bay was gorgeous. Flat, sunny, big puffy clouds. and mostly empty.
But not too empty.
This three masted tall ship passed by Taylors and James Island as we walked the opposite direction. I tried to find it on marinetraffic.com just now, but was unable to find a match. I should have tried sooner.
A look at Flag Harbor. My boat is just visible on a lift at the lower right.
A Blue Eyed Grass flower in the roadside on the way home. A tiny member of the Iris family.

 Later in the afternoon, Trevor and I went out to try our hand at fishing. Out in the deep water, we jigged up a couple of 22 inch keepers, and Trevor had one big one get off near the boat. A thunderstorm was running down the Delmarva the whole time.
After getting bored offshore, we headed for "Location X" where we rapidly filled our two fish limits with 24 inch fish, and headed for home.

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