Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Memos About

We'll start off this day of remembrance with some oldies:

From The Lid: The Clintons’ First Email Scandal: Project X 1996-1998
During Bill Clinton’s tenure in the White House a “glitch” (or person) turned off the automatic email archiving system causing the loss of of around one million emails. The missing emails just “happened” to occur at the same time as the Kenneth Starr was subpoenaing emails for the Monica Lewinsky scandal and congress was asking for emails because they were investigating the “Filegate” scandal. The emails lost just “happened” to be from the accounts of President Clinton and other who were being investigated in the above scandals and the people who discovered the missing emails were threatened with jail if they spoke about the missing emails.
If it worked once, why wouldn't she repeat it? And from the way back machine to 1996: Memo Places Hillary Clinton At Core of Travel Office Case
 A memorandum by a former Presidential aide depicts Hillary Rodham Clinton as the central figure in the 1993 travel office dismissals, a politically damaging episode that the aide said had resulted from a climate of fear in which officials did not dare question Mrs. Clinton's wishes.

The newly released draft memorandum, written by David Watkins, the former top administrative aide at the White House, also sharply contradicts the White House's official account of Mrs. Clinton as merely an interested observer in the events that led to the dismissal of the White House travel staff and their replacement with Clinton associates from Arkansas.
And now back to the present. FactCheck fact checks Hillary on the current email scandal and concludes: "The State Department inspector general contradicts several of Clinton's long-standing talking points." That's longer for "she lied." Powerline shows us How to Read the IG report:
“So what conceivable legal privilege do Clinton, Mills, Sullivan, and Abedin have that would allow them to refuse to answer investigators’ questions? Only one: the Fifth Amendment privilege — i.e., the refusal to answer on the grounds that truthful responses might be incriminating.”
They also object to Ruth Marcus's excuse for Hillary's pattern of lying: Why the "Scar Tissue" Excuse for Hillary's Document Destruction Fails"Clinton’s crooked practices are rooted in her personality. It’s that simple."

If true, this could make things interesting: Unbeknownst to Clinton, IT firm had emails stored on cloud; now in FBI’s hands. It's always best to assume nothing can be deleted beyond recovery.

Reliable liberal Linda Stasi: After latest email revelations and endless dishonesty, time for Hillary Clinton to head for the hills. I imagine she's all in for Bernie, who is changing his tune somewhat on the importance of the email: Sanders says Clinton’s email situation has changedI still don’t care about those emails, but I’m sure the Superdelegates do. Of course not, he, like a majority of democrats, don't put any value on national security.

Ann Althouse catches Diane Feinstein struggling to support Hillary in Hillary's problem of "insularity and... arrogance" — "there was no one around her who was willing to tell her that she was wrong." and:
Speaking of Noonan, she also said this:
NOONAN: When you look at the tape of Mrs. Clinton saying things about the e-mails that have been shown to not of them true in the IG thing, she has been -- I hate to say lied, but she has lied coolly and -- in a creamy, practiced way. It doesn't look good.
Creamy... I wrote that word down to search for in the transcript. Hillary lied in a coolly... creamy, practiced way.
A good haul as Larwyn's Linx contributes: Hillary's week from hell: can she shake troubles to take on Trump?Hillary Clinton’s Emails: Lying in Plain SightClinton has been burying emails since she was First LadyTop 3 Lies Hillary Clinton Told About State Department EmailsOrigin of key Clinton emails from report are a mysteryThe Scandal Over Clinton’s Emails Still Isn’t a Scandal (Caution: Troll Alert)LBJ’s Ad Men: Here’s How Clinton Can Beat Trump, and Senator Highlights Clinton Ties to Nigerian Donor

Rubes self-identify as MSBNC Anchors are Upset Clinton’s Played Them For Fools.

Probably not coming to a theater near you, Clinton Cash Is the Movie Every Voter Should See before Election Day

Hillary Clinton Struggles to Find Footing in Unusual RaceClinton campaign faces a deficit of a vital commodity: enthusiasm,  Why Recent National Polls Should Worry Hillary Clinton, even Oregon! Oregon General Election Voters Give Edge to Trump over Hillary; Support for Billion-Dollar Tax Hike Weak . If Hillary can lose Oregon. . .

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