Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Went Fishing! I Know You're Shocked

While sitting at the dog park around 12:30 I got a text from Ron "Onefish" that he and and Bill were going to try their luck, and I was welcome to come along if I was available. We beat it back home, and I grabbed a sandwich, and headed for the boat.

We fished a while at "Location X", where I put one legal fish in the boat, and missed several more.
Then we went out to the deeper water off Parker's Creek where fish have been for a week or so. Without birds to help us we stopped at a random location and started jigging. I caught a 22 inch fish on my first cast, which I expected to be the kiss of death, but turned out to be just a hint that the fishing was going to be OK. We picked away at fish; Ron and I both caught 30 inch fish, and we managed a limit of 6 reasonable fish.

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