Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Chesapeake Bay Check In

Ron called today to see if I'd like to go fishing. Hell, yes! We left around 2 PM in his boat and head straight out to the area where he's been catching fish for the last two weeks, out in 45+ feet of water off Parkers Creek.
We tried a few different spot to no particular success, and then out near 60 ft of water, a flock of birds started working fish about 100 yds away. We followed them south a good way. Most of the fish were 20 inch plus, but we did manage 3 fish over 30 (we are only allowed to keep 2, so the third went back). We caught them mostly on jigs, but also top water (my trusty spook) and heavy metal.
Eventually, the current died, and along with it the fishing. The birds went home, and we still caught fish. Finally, the marks disappeared, along with the bites and we headed back to Long Beach (left).

And the harbor.

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