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It just keeps coming. Just can't catch a break.

Charlie Martin at PJ Media reviews the facts and finds that the 'Washington Post,' 'American Prospect' Get Hillary Email Scandal Exactly Wrong. Deliberately.

Hillary supporters are touting Hillary's razor thin margin win in Kentucky as evidence the she has halted the Bernie juggernaut. The NYT headline reveals the sad reality for Hillary: Did she even win Kentucky? She was trounced in Oregon, too, but everyone expected Portlandia to be Bernie country. From the comments:
"The media have propped up Hillary's political corpse so long, SHE should be the one named Bernie.""
Clinton, Democrats Confronting Dangerous Rift Within Party It's only dangerous if you think they need to win. Pop the popcorn: Liberal pundits eating their own

Who's too scary now? Bernie Sanders.
That's the memo. From The Sacramento Bee:
A lot of Democrats don’t want to admit it, but Donald Trump isn’t the only presidential candidate playing with fire and recklessly courting an angry mob. For the latest round of curse-word hurling, chair throwing, social-media stalking and conspiracy-theory swapping, look no further than the supporters of Bernie Sanders. Over the weekend, dozens of Sanders devotees lost their minds after the Nevada Democratic Party, meeting for its convention in Las Vegas, awarded a majority of delegates to front-runner Hillary Clinton. Convinced that the establishment had rigged the rules and that Sanders delegates had been excluded for unfair reasons, they booed and traded barbs with people on stage, including Clinton surrogate and keynote speaker U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer....
Since Hillary Clinton is not exciting, it needs to be the case that the others are too exciting — they're lunatics.
From a comment on another post:
"Functionally, she's an ambitious city councilwoman whose husband became President."

This remark by bagoh20 on the nature of Hillary's driving force, is a masterpiece of wit: it's vicious, funny, succinct, and true. It should be her epitaph.
Democrats Begin Circling Wagons Around Hillary, and Condemning Bernie Sanders as a Trump-Like Demagogue

NH poll: Both presumptive nominees are “exceptionally unpopular”

Hillary spokesman calls American women mostly ugly:
Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has apologized for saying "there are probably more ugly women in America than attractive women."

Rendell tells The Associated Press the comments were "incredibly dumb and selfish" and that he's sorry.
. . .
The Democrat was offering his thoughts to The Washington Post on Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump's prospects for success in the Philadelphia suburbs when he made the comment.
Did Hillary Clinton Just Doom the 'Ghostbusters' Remake by Booking the Cast with Ellen DeGeneres?
When news broke on Tuesday that Hillary Clinton will be appearing with the new all-female team of spook sleuths on Ellen DeGeneres, every fear about feminism taking over this film was confirmed.

In announcing their upcoming appearance on her show, the famous "Ellen" didn't even deny it. "Get your gender cards ready!" she tweeted, aiming for laughs but likely inspiring groans.
Remember, Ellen has unofficially signed on as a Hillary booster.

Absolutely disqualifying, from 2006: Hillary Clinton pushes for reinstatement of national 55 mph limit. Are you ready for President Nanny?

Via Wombat-socho's "In the Mailbox: 05.18.16" "Priority Boarding on the Lolita Express"
Mark then moved on to what to him is the broader issue - the corruption of the republic:
I was talking about corruption in this country, which gets in my nostrils, the stink of corruption, the stench of corruption, the sense that laws apply to some people and not to others.
Who is the embodiment of the descent into banana republic status? Hillary Rodham Clinton.
The Clintons' $200 million for crappy speeches and their so-called "foundation" are a squalid racket. As Mediaite reported:
Steyn began by bringing up the Clinton Foundation, which he called a barely-concealed platform for the rich and powerful to buy access under the facade of charity. "It's corrupt. It's stingily corrupt, it's obviously corrupt," he said.
That should be "stinkingly".

He bashed conservatives like Max Boot and P.J. O'Rourke who say they would likely vote for Clinton because of concerns over Trump's foreign policy. "Hillary is the embodiment of corruption and therefore the death of the republic," he argued...
"Someone on the take from Saudi princes, someone who's managed to deliver 20% of U.S. uranium into control of the Russians, someone whose husband has been credibly accused of rape and flies around with a known pedophile... and yet Hillary to these guys is who they're going to be supporting in November."
Why call of the college "rape culture" in colleges ring hollow: Trump Uses Word "Rape" To Describe Bill Clinton's History With Women, media aghast. And Bill Clinton’s Rape Accuser Calls Out New York Times For Failing To Cover Allegations Against Ex-POTUS. Is it really rape-rape, when a democrat does it?

The Washinton Post attempts to square the circles: How to make Republican men like Hillary Clinton I like the odds of Sasquatch and Cold Fusion better.

RIDE THE HILLARY RECURSION! I would call it a reversion:
“While Hillary is out there promising to put her husband in charge of revitalizing the economy, it would be very worthwhile if people realized that the president is not ‘in charge of the economy,’” Betsy Newmark writes. But “even if we were going to give Bill Clinton credit for the prosperity of the 1990s, Hillary Clinton is not advocating the policies that her husband implemented.”

It’s quite a conundrum for Hillary — she’s running on ‘90s nostalgia, and yet in order to appease the far left supporters of Barry and Bernie, must run against all of the policies of her husband, the Gingrich Congress (and needless to say, the Reagan Revolution) that created all those good times.
As someone said, it may be Alien vs. Predator, but he's going to be our Predator: 2016 by the numbers: Donald Trump within striking distance of Hillary Clinton. Remember when the ceiling was 35% of Republicans? Good times!

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