Monday, May 23, 2016

It's a Good Thing it's Raining in Baltimore

Maybe it will help suppress the crowds and the fires: Baltimore Police Officer Acquitted in Trial Over Freddie Gray Arrest
A judge on Monday acquitted Baltimore Police Officer Edward Nero of all charges in connection with the April 2015 arrest of Freddie Gray, whose death from a broken neck sustained while in police custody sparked large protests and widespread rioting in the city.

Prosecutors charged Officer Edward Nero and five of his fellow officers with crimes after Mr. Gray died of a spinal cord injury sustained in police custody. Prosecutors charged Mr. Nero with second-degree assault for touching Mr. Gray during what they alleged was an illegal arrest, and with reckless endangerment for failing to seat-belt him in a police van. He was also charged with two counts of misconduct in office.

If convicted, Mr. Nero, 30 years old, would have faced a maximum prison sentence for second-degree assault of 10 years; and up to five years for reckless endangerment. But Circuit Judge Barry Williams found him not guilty of all charges, including of misconduct. All of the charges Mr. Nero faced are misdemeanors.
I suspect the officer chose well to pick the bench trial over a trial by jury.

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