Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Story of Donald Trump and Miss Piggy

Back in 1996, Alicia Machado of Venezuela won Miss Universe, and promptly went on an eating binge, ballooning from an estimated 120 lbs to 170 or so. Donald Trump who owns the Miss Universe pageant business, ordered her to lose weight, and compared her to Miss Piggy
In an interview with Jim Moret that will air Thursday on Inside Edition, Alicia Machado said that months after winning the Miss Universe contest in 1996 as a 19-year-old Miss Venezuela, the billionaire ordered her to lose weight.

Trump publicly called Machado an “eating machine” in an interview with Howard Stern and, according the Times report, invited nearly 100 media outlets to watch her exercise in a gym.
“She weighed 118 pounds or 117 pounds and she went to 160 or 170. So this is somebody that likes to eat,” Trump said then.
 That's quite a jump!

But he went even further in his criticism of her diet in private, according to Machado.  “He called me Miss Piggy,” Machado tells Inside Edition. “I was very depressed in that moment.”

Machado said Trump not only made her feel “so fat,” but he also ridiculed her English-speaking ability, calling her “Miss Housekeeping.” The model and telenovela star said her weight issues led to years of eating disorders — anorexia and bulimia — that required therapy.

Machado will become an American citizen in time to vote for the November election. As for whether she would cast her ballot for Trump, she burst into laughter and said, “He can’t be a president.”
Trump bullied her “all the time,” she said. And the billionaire didn’t deny forcing her to shed pounds, telling the Times, “To that, I will plead guilty.”
This of course, is another media attempt to smear Trump as anti-woman. But Ann Althouse is having none of it:
What was Donald Trump supposed to do about that? He owned the business, and she had claimed — and beat out other women for — the job of acting as if she's the most beautiful woman in the universe, and then she radically changed her appearance.
. . .
Wasn't she obligated to control her weight according to the terms of employment? If you can't do the job, don't apply for it. No one has to enter a beauty pageant. I think it's a foolish business, but if you participate in foolishness, you owe something to those who gave you that platform. It takes some psychological grit. If you're sensitive about what people say about how you look, what are you doing there?
Can a model go into business and not expect people to notice her appearance, for better and worse?
This is another example of anti-Trump media purporting to champion women but in fact treating them as if they are weak, fragile, not responsible for their own choices, and in need of protection. It seems to me that Trump was treating her the way he'd treat a man — holding her to her obligations and razzing her for her foibles.
Alicia has gone on to lose, well, most of the weight, and has had a successful and lucrative career as a star in telenovelas, all of which is probably due to her association with Dona;d Trump. It seems a little ungrateful of her to compare him with Adolf Hitler.

Camp of the Saints had a good Rule 5 post on Alicia back in 2012. Wombat-socho brings us "Rule 5 Sunday: O Girls!" from Balmer.


  1. Bloated, ungrateful, entitled bitch. Fat broads are 'sexy' in her culture. We have higher standards. Just how do you tell a fat broad that shes porky without hurting her feelings? Sometimes though, you have to, like when you are married to one or especially when you have money and a reputation it stake? And, yes, lose the "owzkeepeeng" accent already. It's called effort. It separates the winning countries and cultures from the loser ones. Trump said nothing that I wouldn't have.

    1. look who is talking
      did you forget more than half your population in the US is obese and overweight (FAT)
      look in the mirror before you inflict your empty anger on others

  2. very good the woman marvellous

  3. Women are held to a different standard regarding wt than men. Men can get away with being fat overweight without comments or complaints whereas women receive severely judgemental negativity. Not only about wt but also their appearance, as a determination of beauty. God made us, when can we stop focusing on our external appearance only and begin to include other characteristics like: intellect, behaviors, heart and soul kind of stuff?