Thursday, May 12, 2016

Court Cold to Obama Admin Warming Claims

Federal Judge: Obama White House showed “Bad Faith” in Global Warming Case
Washington Times reports that a Federal Judge ruled on Monday that the Obama White House showed “Bad Faith”, in how it responded to a request from the Competitive Enterprise Institute for Global Warming Data.
The White House showed “bad faith” in how it handled an open records request for global warming data, a federal court ruled Monday, issuing yet another stinging rebuke to the administration for showing a lack of transparency.For President Obama, who vowed to run the most transparent government in U.S. history, Judge Amit P. Mehta’s ruling granting legal discovery in an open records case — the third time this year a judge has ordered discovery — is an embarrassing black eye.
In this most recent case, the Competitive Enterprise Institute was trying to force the White House office of science and technology policy to release documents backing up Director John C. Holdren’s finding that global warming was making winters colder — a claim disputed by climate scientists.
Mr. Holdren’s staffers first said they couldn’t find many documents. They then tried to hide their release by saying the documents were all internal or were similar to what was already public.
Each of those claims turned out not to be true.
“At some point, the government’s inconsistent representations about the scope and completeness of its searches must give way to the truth-seeking function of the adversarial process, including the tools available through discovery. This case has crossed that threshold,” the judge wrote.
"Science" Adviser Holdren, as you may recall was one of those people saying that human industrial activity was going to bring on the next ice-age back in the 1970's. As always, the proposed cure was the same, give control over the nation's world's resources to the few elite scientists and the government that supported their power grab.

The claim in this case is that the "Arctic Vortex" that brought cold and misery to the United States East Coast two years ago was due to enhanced by, of course, global warming, allowing warmists to claim both above and below normal temperatures as "proof" that their policy position is correct

True or not, the administration is trying desperately hard to hide the bureaucratic machinations that led to the production of this video.

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