Friday, May 27, 2016


I had been ignoring the increasingly tiresome entreaties from Microsoft to update my computer (a pretty old no-name desktop) from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for a long time now, maybe a year or more. While I never said yes, I never said no either. I thought something was up over the past couple of days, when it seemed to be downloading a bunch, but not updating.

I looked over in the middle of a TV show last night, and it was in the middle of updating to Windows 10. I wasn't too worried about it; it had declared my machine suitable, if not ideal (no touch screen), and my brother, who is actually knowledgeable on these matters gave it a passing review last August:
It seemed to boot fast and seemed to have all my programs and settings. Well except for my Printer Driver and Video Card. Too bad it looks like a version of Windows designed for 8 year olds. In fact I’ve had more then one person tell me that screen looked like an XBox with the large clunky icons.

Once I got the right video driver installed it actually seemed like a pretty responsive OS and in fact, someday I might (or might not) go back to it.
This morning it insisted I check the "accept these terms" box before it would do the final steps. I wonder what would have happened had I declined? Would it have restored Windows 7?

Yes, it seems a little snappier, but then operating systems often seem quicker when they're young, and haven't yet seen the debilitating effects of multiple updates. My files are all still intact, although it took a few minutes to prove that because, the changed the way the file system presents itself (which I had barely gotten used to after the last Windows driven change about 10 years ago - old dog syndrome.

It took me a few minutes to find the snipping tool, and since I don't have a microphone hooked up, Cortana and I are off to a slow start.

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