Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy Graduation, Noah!

On my advice, my next door neighbor Clint scheduled a striper fishing trip with Walleye Pete for his son, Noah's graduation, and his acceptance into University of Maryland. It was kind of an iffy day, with rain in the forecast, and his high school friends bailed, so Clint invited me along. Noah scored early, with a couple of easily legal (now that 20 inches is legal) stripers on a crank bait at Barren Island.
The shore of Taylors Island. The tide was extremely low, and limited the fishing to a few spots. It rained, but not too hard, most of the afternoon. We caught a few small fish along the shores, but no great masses.
Clint scored this 29+ inch fish on a popper somewhere near "Location X". Many fish were caught today.
Cove Point Lighthouse on the way home.

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