Thursday, May 12, 2016

FBI Under Pressure Over

The FBI Director, James Comey claims to be under a lot of pressure to finish the Clinton probe quickly:
"We want to do it well and we want to do it promptly. I feel pressure to do both of those things," Comey told reporters during a roundtable at FBI headquarters. "As between the two things, we will always choose 'well.'"
He also dismissed the Clintonian claim that they were just "conducting a security review or inquiry":
. . . in response to a question Wednesday, Comey said he wasn't familiar with the term "security inquiry" that Clinton and her aides have used. The FBI chief said he considers the work agents are doing to be an "investigation."

"It's in our name. I'm not familiar with the term 'security inquiry','" the director said.
I would say that bodes ill for Clinton. On  Clinton's hand picked Rosemary Woods IT guru's Bryan Pagliano's, missing email (all gone but one) Former Justice Department FOIA Director on Pagliano emails: “It stinks to high heaven”
“If it is true that federal records directly documenting his work no longer exist, then that is awfully coincidental, to put it most charitably — especially given the nature of his work and the role he has played in the Clinton e-mail controversy.

Indeed, it is more than ironic, given that what appear to be “missing” are e-mails. And it certainly now raises reasonable suspicion, as it did with the Senate a few months ago, that something was very much amiss here — either with record creation or record preservation, or both.

In short, the whole thing stinks to high heavens. It is difficult to imagine how anyone associated with Secretary Clinton in any way could envision getting away with something such as this.”
I can smell it from here. But so far, the Justice Dept has been very, very good to Ms. Clinton: Hillary Rakes in Nearly $75,000 From Justice Department Employees. But I'm like totally sure they'll act in a non-partisan way. Sid "the Shiv" Blumenthal is too: Sid Blumenthal ‘very confident’ Hillary will not be charged over email server. And back to the issue that sparked the email investigation: Congressman Jim Jordan reveals what Hillary was doing on the night of Benghazi attacks. Not so much reveals as reiterates.
“We know what she was doing because we have the evidence. We talked about this in our hearing. At 10:08 she sent out a statement, the official statement of our government, and she said ‘Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet.’ Blaming it on a video. But less than an hour later she says to her family, she’s sending them a different story, she tells her family, ‘Oh, terrorists killed two of our people tonight.’ The next day she says to the Egyptian Prime Minister ‘We know the video had nothing to do with it, it was a planned attack, not a protest.’ So, she says one thing privately she says an entirely different story to the taxpayers, to the citizens and most important to the families of those four brave Americans.

That’s what she was doing that night. She was spinning a story to the American people but saying something completely different to her family and to heads of state around the world. “
Wombat-socho's In The Mailbox: 05.11.16 scores four, with EBL's Was this a Hillary Clinton Campaign Psych-Ops? Homemade Bernie Sanders Glowstick Meme (don't try this at home) is actually an explosive recipe from the Anarchist Cookbook, Jammy Wearing Fools Surprise! Facebook Clowns Donate More to Clinton Than Any Other Candidate (Frankly, I'd've thought they'd mostly feel the Bern, myself), Joe for America's Hillary and Castro to Help Bring Crime to Your Neighborhood (that would be Julian Castro), and from the Lonely Conservative: Clinton On Rising Cost Of Health Insurance: I Don’t Understand.

Moving into Mommy's Chappaqua basement soon? Clinton Son-in-Law’s Firm Is Said to Close Greece Hedge Fund The lesson is don't stray from the family business, politics and graft. How long until he's onto the Clinton Foundation payroll?
It was a hedge fund portfolio pitched by Hillary Clinton’s son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, as an opportunity to bet on a Greek economic revival.

Now, two years later, the Greece-focused fund is shutting down, after losing nearly 90 percent of its value, according to two investors with direct knowledge of the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Investors were told last month that the fund would close. The fund, Eaglevale Hellenic Opportunity, had raised $25 million from investors to buy Greek bank stocks and government debt.
Quipped Instapundit:
I wonder if Marc Mezvinsky received a variation on “I can’t be responsible for every undercapitalized small business in America” when he told “Queen Tut” the bad news?

Update: “I felt bad for those who lost 90% in Hillary’s son-in-law’s hedge fund, until I realized they actually gave money to Hillary’s son-in-law,” Iowahawk tweets.
And also at Instapundit, Elizabeth Price Foley has a long post debunking Donald Trump's Gender Problem
Clinton’s gender advantage is weaker than Obama’s 12 point advantage over Romney with female voters in 2012. And the gender difference in presidential elections almost always favors the Democrats’ candidate, suggesting that Hillary’s gender advantage may be due more to the fact that she is a Democrat than any particular gender “problem” specific to Trump. Other recent Republican candidates had similar gender gaps without facing incessant accusations of misogyny. John McCain, for example, had a 14 percent deficit versus Obama among female voters in 2008. George W. Bush had an 8 percent female deficit versus Gore in 2000. Indeed, the last Republican presidential candidate to win among female voters was George H.W. Bush in 1988, who beat Dukakis among women 52-48.
She's just not that likable. And as Roger L. Simon says Clueless Republicans Don't Realize It's the Democrats Who Have the Problem
to almost everyone's surprise, the Democrats are still fighting, their internal enmity growing as Comrade Bernie wins primary after primary, sometimes by large majorities, and Lady Hillary clings to her super delegates like a three-year-old to a blanket. What happens if she loses California? According to West Virginia exit polls, a full third of Democratic primary voters are ready to defect to Trump. In the latest poll of swing states, Donald is already ahead of Clinton in Ohio and neck-and-neck in Florida and Pennsylvania. And the big show is just getting started.
Case in point, not going quietly, I hate to agree with Bernie, but: Sanders: Nominating Clinton would be ‘disaster’ for party, nation. I don't worry about the Democrats. Cockroaches can survive nearly anything. But Paul Ryan is not convinced “We cannot afford to lose this election to Hillary Clinton”

Energy analyst: Electing Hillary Clinton could cost us 1 million barrels of oil per day.
U.S. oil production is bound for a significant shake up after the presidential election in November, says a senior editor at energy-information provider Platts.

“This election is going to have a major impact on the direction of U.S. and, possibly, global oil supply. Maybe the most significant impact of any election in U.S. history,” said Brian Scheid, senior oil editor at Platts, at the Platts Crude Oil Summit in London on Tuesday.

Looking at a worst case/best case scenario worked out between several analysts in Washington, he estimated that with a Republican win, U.S. oil production could jump by as much as 500,000 barrels a day. If the Democrats win, there could be a decline of 500,000 barrels a day, Scheid said.
But think of all the unicorn farts and fairy dust the Democrats energy policy would produce, instead.

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