Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rule 5 Saturday - Czech Again - Petra Němcová

In the course of preparing to regal you with the talents of two other Czechoslovakian models, Paulina Porizkova and Daniela Pestova for Rule 5 posts I found another Czech beauty.  Apparently, Czechoslovakia is to models as central Asia is to barbarian hordes; a great place to start.

Petra Němcová (Czech pronunciation: [ˈpɛtra ˈɲɛmtsovaː]; born 24 June 1979) is a Czech model, television host, author, and philanthropist. Injured in Thailand by a tsunami resulting from the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, while her fiancé the photographer Simon Atlee was killed, Němcová is the founder and chair of the Happy Hearts Fund.
I don't think I ever heard about her being injured by the tsunami before; see, this is educational.

Atlee had drowned, and Němcová suffered a broken pelvis and serious internal injuries, but she managed to hold onto the top of a palm tree, reportedly for eight hours, until she was rescued by Thai civilians and airlifted to an inland hospital nearby. Němcová spent three weeks in a Thai hospital, and then flew home to the Czech Republic, where she spent an additional three weeks in the hospital.
That's pretty impressive actually.  A lot of stronger and fitter people didn't survive.

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  1. aaahhhh.. the good old days.

  2. "Her breasts, two hills o'erspread with purest snow,
    Sweet, smooth and supple, soft and gently swelling,
    Between them lies a milken dale below,
    Where love, youth, gladness, whiteness make their dwelling..."