Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fake Dawn at the Beach

It was a good morning at the beach.  Temperatures were coming up into the 60s from the 50s, with a little northeast wind, so some chop and whitecaps.  Mostly cloudy, with patches of blue sky.
A perfect set up for the "fake dawn" where sunlight sneaks underneath the clouds from a long distance, being reddened like a sunrise by passing though a great distance of somewhat dirty air.  One of the rare cases where you win shooting into the sun.
It looks pretty stark when you zoom in on it.  Note the GBH on the channel marker.
 Red in the false dawn
The eagle photo du jour.  Another juvenile, but one of the older ones.  Note the yellow bill and legs.  No sign of any Ospreys today.
A small herd of forest rats deer on the way out of the beach.  There were actually six in this group, but some were on the other side of the road. One was a spike buck.

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