Friday, September 27, 2013

High Tide at the Beach

Yet another mostly overcast morning at the beach.  Still, the temperatures were in the mid 60s, and the wind moderate, so, while it was not photogenic, it was certainly pleasant.

One of the local Great Blue Herons took offense to our presence, and went back down south to wait us out.

The tide was way up today, with both the timing of the tide, and a boost from the south wind.  Here, it starts to erode the beach under the Kudzu Vine.  Kudzu doesn't like the salt water, and the vines hit by the water will shrivel and dry up.  As Joel said, it's a poor day when I'm taking pictures of the Kudzu.
The Eagle du jour; yet another juvenile.  The Ospreys are still here too, but all my attempted pictures were a bust.

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