Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Butterflies Still

Butterfly season seems to be fading rapidly. Our Butterfly Bush, which at time hosted 15 or more butterflies, still has blooms, but few sippers; we're lucky to find a single Eastern Swallowtail out there most of the time.  A few late flowers seem to offer some fresh food.  This Little Glassywing Skipper is on one of our large Madagascar Periwinkles.
Cloudless Sulphurs seem to be one of our more reliable visitors.  While they don't seem to favor the Butterfly Bush, they do like other flowers.  This one is on a Lipstick Sage.  I'm still waiting for one to give me a decent spread wing view.
Finally, the occasional Eastern Tiger Swallowtail still visits the waning flowers on the Butterfly Bush.  I was surprised to see it on the invasive species list.

I love this shot, with the blue sky, and the the shadows of the flowers showing through the butterfly wings.

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