Saturday, September 14, 2013

On the Beach 9/14/13

We had our first "long sleeve shirt" day at the beach this morning.  With a fresh cold front, morning temperatures were 58 F, with 20 knot north winds.  The weather was partly cloudy,  clear looking north as you can see here...

But quite cloudy looking out to the east.
 There was an interesting mirage.  The clouds in the far distance appeared to be elevated by the mirage, stretched and distorted over James Island (or what's left of it).
The birds were out, but hard to photograph.  This eagle picture was the best I got
 A couple of women out exercising their dogs.  They remembered us, and asked about Skye...
Somebody brave enough for short sleeves.  Actually, by the end of the walk, temperatures were rather pleasant.

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